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Guijuelo Cebo Iberian Shoulder

4.5 kg.
In stock

Cebo Iberian Shoulder Guijuelo at an excellent price and excellent quality

I encourage you to buy this Cebo Iberian shoulder Guijuelo if you are thinking of a business gift, a family lunch or dinner or because you want to eat good ham every day. The authentic Spanish ham can be yours thanks to Gastronomic Spain and its shipments throughout Europe.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to buy a Cebo Iberian shoulder at an excellent price. A shoulder from 50% Iberian pig certified Iberian breed resulting from select crosses, curing between 24 and 30 months and with the Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin.

Guijuelo Iberian Cebo Shoulder: what it is and characteristics

The Guijuelo Iberian Cebo Shoulder is an excellent ham leg to enjoy with family and friends. It is a piece from the front legs of the Iberian pig, the main difference that exists in the Iberico ham.

Among its characteristics we can highlight:

  1. It is 50% certified Iberian breed from selected crossbreeding results. These pigs are under the care of Nieto Martín, the entity responsible for controlling all their feeding, as well as the production process. In addition, Nieto Martín is protected by the Guijuelo Denomination of Origin, therefore, our Iberian cebo shoulder has an excellent and assured quality.
  2. It is cured for between 24 and 30 months in the Guijuelo wineries. These wineries have a great national prestige since they meet the climatic conditions and height of the area necessary to offer a first-rate Spanish product.
  3. It has a weight of about 4.5 kg. approximate.
  4. The Iberian bait shoulder is characterized by being a bright reddish color at room temperature and contains a lot of infiltrated fat, compared to cebo ham.
  5. It is produced in Nieto Martín, a company located in Guijuelo (Salamanca) and protected by the Denomination of Origin. Iberian products, artisans and of unbeatable quality.+

Main differences between cebo ham

  • Weight: the weight of a cebo ham is between 7 and 8 kg., While the shoulder is about 5 kg.
  • Cure: as it is a smaller size, the cebo shoulder will have a lower cure.
  • Price: as a result of the two previous variants, the price is also lower.

Meaning of Cebo Iberian / Iberico

The term '' Cebo Iberian '' refers to the fact that the piece comes from Iberian pigs. But within this breed, there are different variants of the Iberian pig: field cebo, cebo, acorn or pure acorn. These endings will tell us in what conditions the Iberian pig in question has lived and fed.

With regard to Cebo Iberian, it indicates that the pig itself has been raised on Nieto Martín's own farms, where his well-being has been guaranteed and complying with all EU requirements. While their diet is based mainly on feed made up of high quality cereals.

Why buy a Guijuelo Iberian Cebo Shoulder?

The reasons to buy a Guijuelo Iberian bait shoulder are very obvious. It is a quality and cheap palette. Perfect for lovers of Spanish ham and for those who like to cut into a ham holder. We also have this product in a sliced, easy and simple format.

In addition, it can be a perfect gift for a friend or family member, or even as a business gift. But it can also be an ideal treat to enjoy one of the best products available in Spanish gastronomy.

Gastronomic Spain has a wide range of Iberian shoulders and Serrano shoulders with the option of FREE SHIPPING to any point in EUROPE. As well as many other products typical of the most traditional, homemade and popular Spanish food in Spain.

Take advantage of this opportunity and buy quality at the best price.

4.5 kg. net weight (approx)

whole leg

Denomination of Origin of Guijuelo

Nieto Martin

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4.5 kg.
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens contained.
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Nieto Martin

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Guijuelo Cebo Iberian Shoulder

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