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Guijuelo Cebo Shoulder Sliced

80 gr.
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If you like Iberian ham, our Guijuelo Cebo Shoulder Sliced, you are going to love it. It comes in a freshly machine cut format. It is a perfect Spanish product to have in the fridge and that saves you from any unexpected visit. In addition, our Iberico shoulder is part of the Protected Designation of Origin of Guijuelo, it is cured for 24 months in Nieto Martín's own wineries.

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Having breakfast every morning this delicious sliced Cebo Guijuelo shoulder makes your day easier as well as bringing you a little closer to Spain. When we live abroad we cling, as if it were a burning nail to anything that reminds us of our beloved land and, without a doubt, the tasty cebo shoulder that Gastronomic Spain offers you can be a perfect whim.

In addition to our delicious sliced Guijuelo bait shoulder, we have many other formats: sliced, mace and whole shoulders. Variety and quality for all tastes. Enjoy good Spanish food from anywhere in Europe and take advantage of our FREE shipping.

Characteristics of the Cebo Guijuelo Shoulder

We present you a sliced Cebo Guijuelo shoulder, weighing 100 gr. and vacuum packed for perfect preservation. It is one of those Spanish products that you have to have at home, yes or yes. Well kept in the fridge, if possible to be half hidden, so that it is not "stolen" without your permission.

Our shoulder comes from Iberian pigs 50% Iberian breed, this breed has been fed on cereals, feed, legumes and herbs and, normally, it has been bred and developed in complete freedom in the pastures. It is rich in nuances resulting from its slow maturation for approximately 24 months in the Guijuelo wineries, owned by Nieto Martín.

Nieto Martín is the producer of the bait palette with Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin. They are in charge of raising pigs, the entire production process, as well as its distribution and thanks to Gastronomic Spain you can savor it from anywhere in Europe.

In addition, it is common to find this ham shoulder sliced ​​with a meat slicer, since cutting the shoulder with a knife is more difficult than cutting ham, due to the position of the bones that make it up. But if you are an expert in cutting ham in a ham holder or would like to try the experience, you can consult our catalog here.

Tips for consuming the sliced shoulder:

• The product is vacuum packed, so it is advisable to open it about 15 minutes before consumption to regain its organoleptic values.

• Consume at room temperature: 20-24ºC.

• It will be much easier to separate the slices once the shoulder reaches a temperature of 20 degrees.

80 gr. net weight

vacuum packed

shipped in isothermal container with refrigeration

Denomination of Origin of Guijuelo

Nieto Martin


Data sheet

80 gr.
50% Iberian pork shoulder, salt, preservatives E-252 and E250.
It does not contain allergens.
vacuum packed
taric code
net weight
80 gr.
Nieto Martin

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Guijuelo Cebo Shoulder Sliced