Iberian Ham

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The certified Iberian Cebo Ham air dries 24 months. Our Iberian Cebo Ham has the characteristic taste of the Castilla Leon Hams.

aprox. 7 kg
whole leg
Our certified Iberian Cebo*  Ham, from Leon, air dires 24 months.

The 50% Iberian breed pigs are raised with cereales and soy. The ham is elaborated, from the breeding until the air drying, with a lot of care. When the ham is cut, it presents the typical dark-redish colour and the fine wihte veins, characteristic in iberian ham.

The certified Iberian Cebo Ham is shipped as whole leg. This way the ham preserves all its taste and you can enjoy it little by little. Besides cut by knife is the best form to cut an Iberian ham.

aprox. 7 kg
whole leg

*Cebo is a distinctive due to the form of feeding the breed pigs on one hand and on the other of race purity of the breed pigs.
  • Allergens: According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens are contained.

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