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Boneless Iberian Shoulder Ham Guijuelo

2.5 kg
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Boneless Cebo Shoulder Ham, an excellent Iberian shoulder and very easy to cut

Buy boneless cebo palette at an unrepeatable price and with free shipping throughout Europe. Our Iberian cebo shoulder is a recommended product for those who do not know how to cut ham directly from the shoulder of the shoulder. It comes from Iberian pig 50% Iberian breed and has a minimum cure of 24 months.

Buy and enjoy. They are the only two steps to take. With this Iberian boneless iberian shoulder ham you will captivate all your family, friends or those unexpected visits.

Buy cheap boneless Iberian Shoulder ham and with FREE shipping throughout Europe

There are more and more consumers who prefer a boneless Iberian shoulder ham to a whole of shoulder. I think there are many reasons why you are wise to choose boneless ham or shoulder. For a person who has no skill with ham knives, assume that half of the meat is left on the ham shoulder.

For this reason, the boneless Iberian shoulder is a fantastic product. You can take advantage of all its meat and even prepare dishes or recipes with this piece because, as it is a boneless shoulder, its cut is much easier and more versatile.

Take advantage of this opportunity offered by Gastronomic Spain. One of the best Spanish products can be yours in a matter of days. It does not matter in which city in Europe you live because we take care of sending all the food you need to your door. AND WITH FREE SHIPPING!

Characteristics of Nieto Martín's Boneless Iberian Shoulder Ham Guijuelo

Our boneless Iberian shoulder ham is like a treasure to be discovered. It comes from the Nieto Martín wineries, located in Guijuelo (Salamanca). Nieto Martín is in charge of taking care of and following the process of making hams and sausages, and they also have the Protected Designation of Origin of Guijuelo, a characteristic that ensures excellent quality.

Highlights of the boneless shoulder:

  1. It is a polished and boneless shoulder, so you can take advantage of all its meat.
  2. Unlike boneless Iberian ham, the shoulder weighs less than 2.5 kg. approximate. An ideal amount for an average household.
  3. It comes from Guijuelo, especially from Iberian pigs 50% Iberian bait breed. The pigs have been raised on the Nieto Martín farms and their diet has been based on feed made up of high quality cereals.
  4. It has a minimum curing of 24 months in the Guijuelo wineries.
  5. The flavor is intense, delicious and ideal.

Other formats of Cebo Iberian shoulder

In addition to the boneless cebo Iberian shoulder, Gastronomic Spain has a very wide catalog of Iberian products and, therefore, you can also enjoy this product in two other formats:

Gastronomic Spain is your store for cheap Iberian hams and shoulders with FREE shipping throughout Europe. We have a wide offer of bait shoulder, mountain shoulder and acorn shoulder. If this is not the Iberian bait shoulder you are looking for, here you can see all the cured shoulders that we have available for you.

Enjoy all our offer from anywhere in Europe and be the envy of your friends.

2.5 kg. net weight (approx)

vacuum packed

Format: boneless

Denomination of Origin Guijuelo

Nieto Martin

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Data sheet

2.5 kg
Iberian pork shoulder, salt, preservatives E-252 and E-250
Does not contain allergens
vacuum packed
taric code
net weight
2.5 kg.
Nieto Martin

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