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Chistorra Chorizo

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Chistorra is a type of minced meat Chorizo sausage, especially pork, although it can also be mixed with beef. It has an approximate cure time of 24 hours between 2 and 8ºC, and is of supreme quality and an unbeatable price.

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What is the Chistorra?

Chistorra is a type of Spanish chorizo that is difficult to find outside of Spain. The Spanish chistorra is ideal to eat in many typical Spanish dishes such as scrambled eggs with chistorra, chistorra with wine, the famous chistorra with cider and of course, the chistorra sandwich with cheese.

Chistorra or Txistorra is a type of sausage typical of Navarra and is made with minced pork, garlic, salt and paprika. Ingredient which gives it that characteristic red color.

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Characteristics of the Chistorra

The chistorra is characterized by being a fresh Spanish sausage with a diameter of 1 cm, very elongated and fine. In addition, it usually cures for a very short time, approximately 24 hours between 2 and 8ºC.

Depending on the area, the chistorra is called in a different way. Its most common and well-known name is ''chistorra'', but it is also called biriki in some towns in Navarra; in the Aragonese Pyrenees it is known as txistorra (made only with meat); in Jaca there is another variety that includes other offal of the pig and is known as arbiello; while in the province of León it adopts the same name but is made with larger amounts of beef.

In general, the chistorra is the chorizo consumed fried or roasted. Or more commonly, grilled chistorra. The whole chistorra is usually fried but served in pieces as a tapa (tapa de chistorra). 

Process of making the Chistorra de Navarra

The sausages have many ways of elaboration and of being produced, as it happens with the Txistorra. But the traditional process that characterizes it is always maintained:

  • The first thing to consider is the quality of the ingredients. Make sure it is fresh pork, such as a lean Iberian pork.
  • Once the meat is obtained, it must go through the guillotine making cuts and converting the material into manageable pieces.
  • The meat will then be minced in a specific machine and a portion of salt is added to it to prevent it from drying out.
  • Paprika (hot or sweet) and previously ground dehydrated garlic are also added.
  • Finally, add water and knead until homogeneous.
  • Subsequently, it is stuffed into natural casings (usually lamb) with a specific stuffing machine.
  • Finally, it is placed in the dryer in the appropriate climatic conditions so that it matures and reduces humidity. 

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Difference between chistorra and Spanish chorizo

Both the chistorra and the Spanish chorizo are very similar, in fact the chistorra is considered a type of Navarrese chorizo. But there are some differences between both sausages:

  1. Appearance: the chistorra is a thin and elongated sausage, while the chorizo has a larger diameter.
  2. Ingredients: both are made with pork. The chistorra only requires adding garlic and paprika, but the chorizo needs other spices.
  3. Preparation: chistorra is a semi-cured sausage as it needs very little curing time, unlike chorizo. Therefore, the chistorra should be cooked and served fried or roasted.
  4. Zone: they come from different zones. The chistorra is typical of Navarra and the Basque Country, while the chorizo depends on where it is prepared.

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200 gr
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Chistorra Chorizo