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Sweet Chorizo Extra

250 gr
In stock

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We want to offer you a sweet chorizo extra from Palcarsa, ideal for eating ‘a palo seco’ (means that you can eat it without pairing, just as a snack). If you like white pork chorizo and you are one of those who think that with a good homemade chorizo lunch is already perfect. We recommend you this delicious Spanish sausage.

This chorizo with a horseshoe form has a 250gr. weight (approx.) and it has been elaborated with the best raw materials, lean pork, bacon, and sweet paprika. In the perfect proportion, to give this chorizo a really good taste in your mouth. This sweet chorizo extra is gluten-free and lactose-free.

Our sweet chorizo extra comes in an airtight bag, it is not vacuum packed.

Ingredients of the sweet chorizo extra

ruth be told that there are a lot of types of chorizo, and each recipe is slightly different to the other. What is going to be the difference between sausages? It will be the percentage of each ingredient used, the size and shape and the curing process. The ingredients used in the ‘Horseshoe’ chorizo from Palcarsa are the following ones:

Ingredients: Pork meat and fat, paprika, salt, garlic, dextrin, dextrose, antioxidant (E-301), oregano, preservative (E-250). Natural pork casing.

This chorizo is suitable for coeliacs as it is gluten-free and does not contain lactose.

Sweet chorizo extra characteristics:

This sweet chorizo extra is a chorizo made with raw materials. It is medium cured, that is to say, that it is a firm chorizo, but slightly tender to the inside. This type of curing process makes this chorizo ideal for eating “raw” as well as for cooking. It has a pale reddish colour, due to the paprika used. It is shaped like a horseshoe, about 20 cm long and about 2 cm thick. It is tied with a ribbon at the ends.

The sweet chorizo extra has a pleasant taste and does not sting. It is made with natural pork casing, soy you can eat it. This type of chorizo is perfect for a quick snack, such a children’s snack. As it is medium cured, it can also be used to make good lentils, or macaroni with chorizo.

The sweet chorizo extra is elaborated by Embutidos Palcarsa:

When we talk about Palcarsa, we talk about the knowledge and tradition. Embutidos Palcarsa is a company located in the province of León that has been specialised for generations in the production of typical local sausages such as ‘Chorizo de León’.

At Gastronomic Spain we offer you all types of pork chorizo and other types of meat chorizo, both white pork and Iberian chorizo. You will find what you need!

The Serrano chorizo is a very common Spanish product in every fridge and pantry. At Gastronomic Spain we want you to eat like if you were still at Spain, enjoy the sweet chorizo extra and the typical Spanish dishes at any corner of Europe, with FREE shipping. Check our conditions.

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aprox. 250 grams

Sweet chorizo extra

Vacuum packed

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Data sheet

250 gr
Pork meat and fat, paprika, salt, garlic, dextrin, dextrose, antioxidant (E-301), oregano, preservative (E-250). Natural pork casing.
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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Sweet Chorizo Extra