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Sliced Iberico Chorizo Bellota

80 gr.
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A perfect sliced Iberico chorizo bellota

The sliced iberico chorizo bellota belongs to the Salamanca region, exactly from Nieto Martin’s house. A Guijuelo iberico chorizo bellota unites everything that is expected from a great product: taste and quality. Its intense reddish colour, its aeration and its juiciness underline the refined flavour and the characteristic smell.

This excellent chorizo comes from the 50% certified iberica breed and it has a maturing process approximately of 6 months. Stuffed in a natural casing and at an excellent price only at Gastronomic Spain.

What is Sliced Iberico Chorizo Bellota?

Chorizo is one of those Spanish cold meats that cannot be missing on an Iberian cured meats platter. In particular, our Sliced Iberico Chorizo Bellota is made from selected meats from Bellota (acorn-fed) Iberico pigs with at least 50% certified Iberico breed. This Bellota pigs, during the “montanera” (fattening phase), enjoy a diet based on acorns from trees such as holm oaks, oaks and cork oaks, and live in semi-freedom in the pastures of Andalusia, Extremadura and, in this case, Salamanca.

If you are one of those who like to taste a high-quality Iberico Chorizo Bellota, our chorizo is the best option. If you want to check our catalogue of Iberico Chorizos you can see HERE.

Nieto Martin Sliced Iberico Chorizo Bellota characteristics

Sliced Iberico Chorizo Bellota a Spanish product that is very well-known in Spanish cuisine, especially among Spanish chorizo, and very rare outside Spain. Its characteristics include:

• Cured for approximately 4 to 6 months.

• Made with 50% certified Iberico breed meat.

• Meat marinated with Pimenton de la Vera paprika, garlic, olive oil and other seasonings.

• Cold meat in natural casing and cured in the cellars of the Nieto Martin company in Guijuelo, dedicated to the production of top-quality cold meats, as well as the control of the entire production process.

• Sliced format, consistent and with an intense reddish colour that contrasts with the white dots.

Sliced Iberico Chorizo Bellota ingredients:

Iberian lean pork, salt, Pimentón de la Vera paprika, garlic, olive oil, natural spices, maturation regulators (lactose, dextrin, dextrose) stabilisers (sodium caseinate E-450 a, b) preservative (E-252).

Contains lactose, soya protein and milk protein.

Suitable for coeliacs.

Recipes with Iberico Chorizo: 5 different ways to enjoy it

Iberico Chorizo is very traditional in Spanish cuisine and very versatile when combined with other products. Here are 5 different recipes for you to prepare at home:

1.Lentils with Chorizo: very cliché but delicious

The recipe for lentils with chorizo is an essential part of a Spaniard’s menu. As traditional as they are delicious, so are lentils with chorizo.

2.Macaroni and Chorizo, a classic dish

A classic among classics. Macaroni with chorizo is a dish as simple as it is spectacular in taste, and if you add fried tomato, it’s already from another planet. Do you dare to try it?

3.Chorizo and cheese croquettes, we’re big fans!

Who doesn’t like croquettes? It is a very popular appetizer in all Spanish homes, and the most popular in bars. There may be many croquettes, but chorizo and cheese croquettes are form another planet.

4.Chorizo in cider: very Asturian

Chorizo in cider is a very common dish in Asturias. The combination of chorizo and cider makes a star dish that is perfect as a snack.

5.Patatas Riojanas: a historic dish

Composed of potatoes, chorizo and paprika. Patatas Riojanas are a classic of Spanish gastronomy from La Rioja.

Buying Sliced Iberico Chorizo Bellota online, your chorizo shop at a good price

Iberico Chorizo Bellota is one of those products that are always appetizing. If you also have the chorizo slices, so much better. A thick-casing Iberico Chorizo at a good price, ideal for those who don’t have much time or who are not very skilled with a knife. A Spanish product to open and eat.

This Iberico Chorizo Bellota has a very pleasant taste, with just the right touch of sweet paprika. This Iberico Chorizo Bellota is machine-cut and comes in a 80 gr. format. If you have to eat chorizo, why not Bellota Chorizo? Buy it at Gastronomic Spain, your online Spanish food shop.

We have many other different types of Iberico Chorizo, if this one does not suit you, do not worry, one of them will. So, do not hesitate any longer and place your Spanish food order with FREE shipping.

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80 gr. net weight

Sliced Iberico Chorizo Bellota

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Nieto Martin

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80 gr.
Lean Iberian pork meat, salt, cayenne (pimentón), natural spices, maturation regulators (lactose, dextrine, dextrose), stabilisers (sodium caseinate E-450 a,b), preservatives (E-252)
Contains lactose.
vacuum packed
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net weight
80 gr.
Nieto Martin

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Sliced Iberico Chorizo Bellota