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Organic Iberico Ham

7,5 kg
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Buy Organic Iberico Ham

We offer you an Extrem organic ham with a whole leg, which comes from the pasture of Extremadura. Having a Designation of Origin from Extremadura and an organic certification, it is one of the best acord-fed hams of 75% Iberian breed.

The Iberian Extrem ham with organic certification is aimed at the demanding consumer, who is not only looking for a product with the highest quality, but also takes care of their diet and is aware of the environment.

Characteristics of the acorn-fed ham from Extremadura’s meadow:

The characteristics that make this Iberian acorn-fed ham unique are as follows:

It comes from 75% Iberian breed porks that have been reared in the meadows of Extremadura in complete freedom and fed mainly on acorns, natural pasture and fruit.

It is cured for a minimum of 36 months and a maximum of 48 months.

It is a whole leg of acorn-fed ham weighing approximately 7.5 kg to 8 kg.

It is produced in the pasture land of the Extrem Iberian curing room, which has its own livestock. It has the certification of the Denomination of Origin from the Extremadura’s meadow.

It has the red tag, which guarantees the breed and feed of the animal.

The hams certified by the Denomination of Origin from Extremadura’s meadow are of the highest quality. Unlike other Denominations of Origin for Iberian ham, Extremadura’s meadow focuses on acorn-fed hams of 75% or 100% Iberian breed. It does not certify hams of a lesser breed and all of them live in freedom, promoting a unique product and taking advantage of the vast expanse of pastures in the autonomous community where they are located.

This fact means that there is a smaller supply of Iberian acorn-fed hams and that the price of these hams is higher than in other Designations of Origin.

We offer you an Iberian acorn-fed ham weighing approximately 7.5 kg. This Iberian ham has a double certification: on the one hand, it has the red tag or band and on the other hand, it has the organic certification that guarantees that during the whole process of breeding and elaboration the pork has only been fed and used organic products.

At first sight, this ham has the same appearance as other acorn-fed ones. It has a stylised shape, characteristic of free-range porks. It has different shades on the skin and rind due to its long curing process, and in some areas a slight layer of mold may even appear. The mold on the hams is natural due to the humidity in the cellars where it has been cured. Moreover, it only appears on the rind. Once it has been removed with a knife, it is perfect.

This organic ham is cured for at least 36 months. This is due to the size of the pork's leg and its fat content, typical of the genetics of the 75% Iberian pork breed.

Once the ham is opened, it has a typically dark color with a slight concentration of fat on one side and an attractive marbling, which is an infiltration of fat in the lean of the ham. Each cut gives off an intense, pleasant smell. The cut produced by the knife in the ham causes part of the fat to melt, which reveals the juiciness of this ham.

When it comes to tasting, we can see that it has a characteristic flavor, different from other acorn-fed hams: a pleasant taste that invades the whole mouth and lasts for a long time.

Why buy the acorn-fed ham at Gastronomic Spain:

One of the reasons for buying this organic ham is because it comes directly from the curing room, so we guarantee its perfect state of conservation. In addition, from Gastronomic Spain, we send this leg of ham free of charge to any part of Europe, including Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom.

7,5/8 kg. net weight (approximate)

Whole acorn-fed acorn-fed ham leg

Denomination of Protected Origin from Extremadura’s meadow

Brand: Iberian Extrem

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7,5 kg
Pork ham and salt.
Does not contain allergens
Extrem Iberico

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Organic Iberico Ham