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Iberian Bellota Salchichón

400 gr
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Bellota Salchichón in thick casing

It is considered thick casing salchichón that which is stuffed in the thick intestine of pigs. As well as Iberian Salhichón, Iberian bellota salchichón comes from Iberian pigs and, in this case, from acorn-fed Iberian pigs. First quality and unmistakable flavour. It is an extra spectacular salchichón.

Buy our high-quality bellota salchichón in thick casing and enjoy of the Spanish flavour with an authentic product typical of Spanish gastronomy.

Buying Iberian Bellota Salchichon Cular

It is considered to be Salchichon Cular when it is stuffed into the pig’s thick intestine. Like Iberian Salchichon, Iberian Bellota Salchichon Cular comes from Iberian pigs that have been reared in the wild, which have been fed on natural pasture and acorns during the hunting season. Top-quality and with an unmistakable taste. It is a spectacular Salchichon Extra.

Buy our Iberian Bellota Salchichon Cular at an incredible price and enjoy the taste of the Spanish taste with an authentic product of Spanish cuisine. At Gastronomic Spain, we offer a high-quality Bellota Salchichon with the Designation of Origin of Guijuelo. It comes in a format of 400 gr., the perfect weight for domestic consumption. This cold meat is perfect to be eaten at any time of the day and it has the easiest preparation. Once opened, it is important to wrap it in a cloth when stored in the refrigerator. It has a very long expiry date.

Iberian Bellota Salchichon Cular characteristics

Our Iberian Bellota Salchichon Cular is made by Nieto Martín, located in Guijuelo, which for generations has been producing cured meats, hams and shoulders of certified Iberian pork with great care. Salchichon Cular is characterised by being stuffed into the pig large intestine. It is natural casing, although because of its thickness, you cannot eat it. The skin is very easy to remove.

Iberian Bellota Salchichon Cular has a thickness of 5-6 cm and weighs approximately 400 gr. It is cut in a piece, since it is not the whole piece. It is vacuum-packed to preserve its condition and extend its expiry datel. It is a Salchichon made with the best meat from Iberian Bellota (acorn-fed) pigs. Its main spice is pepper and it has a pleasant and delicate taste. As it has been cured for a long time, its texture is firm both on the surface and in the centre. It is a product that does not need to be cooked in order to be eaten. It is best to cut it into thin slices, either by machine or knife, and remove the skin before eating it.

Iberian Bellota Salchichon Cular ingredients

Iberian Bellota Salchichon Cular is made with high-quality ingredients and certified Bellota pork. These are the ingredients: Iberian lean pork, salt, sugar, destrin, spices, polyphosphate (E-450 a, b, c), sodium ascorbate (E-301), potassium nitrate (E-252), cochineal (E-120).

It is gluten-free, suitable for coeliacs.

400 gr. net weight


Bellota Salchichon Cular

Brand: Nieto Martín

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Data sheet

400 gr
acorn-fed Iberian pork, acorn-fed Iberian pork fat, salt, LACTOSE, dextrose, SOY PROTEIN, MILK PROTEIN, dextrin, spices, wine, stabilizer (E-451i), antioxidants (E-316 and E-331iii), preservatives (E-250 and E-252), aroma and coloring (E-120), natural pork casing
lactose, soy protein, milk protein
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
400 gr
Nieto Martin

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Iberian Bellota Salchichón