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If you want to cut good ham every day, or you are looking for cheap cured hams, but good ones, if you meet up with your friends... This is the ham shop you were looking for. What do you want? A whole ham leg or sliced ham?


Iberico Cebo Ham In Mace

Price €50.81
1 kg

Paleta Curada En Maza

Price €21.08
1,2 kg

Sliced Teruel Ham

Price €5.08
100 gr

Piece Of Iberico Ham

Price €30.08
500 gr

Sliced Iberico Ham

Price €7.08
100 gr

Pata Negra Ham Cut By Knife

Price €15.26
90 gr

Serrano Ham Reserva Sliced

Price €4.08
100 gr

Serrana Shoulder Ham Sliced

Price €3.81
100 gr


Price €41.72
900 g.

'Gran Reserva' Piece Of Serrano Ham

Price €23.17
1.000 gr

Ham Bones

Price €3.45
500 gr

Copy Of Iberian Shoulder Ham Of Recebo

Price €129.17
4.500 gr

Guijuelo Bellota Ham Cushion

Price €36.72

Recebo Iberico Ham

Price €240.53
7.500 gr
  • On sale!

Cured Ham

Price €80.17
7,5 kg

Gran Reserva Ham

Price €108.26
8.000 gr

Teruel Ham Leg

Price €140.35
8.000 gr

Semi-Bone Iberian Shoulder

Price €110.26
4.200 gr