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Semi-boneless Iberico Shoulder

4.2 kg.
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Semi-boneless Iberian Shoulder at a very affordable price

The Cebo Iberico Shoulder certified by Calicer has a curing period of between 14 and 18 months. It is a type of Cebo Iberico shoulder, polished, and semi-boned for a much easier consumption and cutting.

Vacuum packed you will receive your semi-boneless Iberico shoulder, a real luxury. It stands out for its great flavor and its delicious fat mixed with the regularity of its pieces. Buy your Cebo Iberico Shoulder semi-boneless and enjoy a good ham at a more than incredible price.

Buy Semi-boneless Iberico Shoulder Online and enjoy FREE SHIPPING throughout EUROPE

Buying a good ham or shoulder if you live outside of Spain is an impossible mission. In addition to the fact that there is not much supply, the quality leaves much to be desired. But Gastronomic Spain and its offers of hams and shoulders can give you a cable so that you return to savor one of the most typical and desired products by all Spaniards.

Our Semi-boneless Iberico Shoulder is a super good option to kill the bug. As it is a semi-boned leg, the cut will be much more comfortable and easy. Here you have a wide range of ham holders at your disposal.

Take this opportunity to enjoy a good piece of good ham. No matter what city you reside in, Gastronomic Spain brings it to your home with FREE shipping costs.

Characteristics of the Semi-Boneless Iberico Shoulder

The main characteristics of a semi-boneless Iberico shoulder are:

  1. Weight: the shoulder comes from the front legs of the Iberian pig, unlike the ham that is extracted from the back legs. Therefore, the weight of the shoulders is less than that of the ham. Normally it is between 4 and 5 kilos, while the ham is about 7 or 9 kg.
  2. Shape: the semi-boned shoulder blade has a thinner and more square shape in its width.
  3. Semi-boned: it means that the shoulder blade does not have the bone of the scapula, which will greatly facilitate the cutting of the piece.
  4. The shoulder is fatter than the ham. If we compare a shoulder and a ham from the same pig, we will see that the shoulder has a higher concentration of fat.
  5. It has a minimum cure of 14 months, even reaching 18 months.
  6. Cut: it has a reddish-dark color with the fine white streaking so characteristic of Iberian shoulders.
  7. Shelf life: it has 12 months in perfect storage conditions from the date of packaging.

In addition, it should be noted that the semi-boneless Iberico shoulder comes from Iberian fattening pigs, that is, Iberian pigs that have lived freely in the pastures and have fed on cereals, legumes, herbs and animal feed.

A Semi-Boneless Iberico Cebo Shoulder perfect to give as a gift or enjoy as a family

This product is ideal to give as a gift or to enjoy at family gatherings or with friends. Once opened, it is important to eat it in the next 5 - 10 days, since the ham shoulder is peeled, it can dry before. Although if this is not the product you were looking for, we have a wide range of Iberico shoulders and a variety of formats for all tastes.

The certified half-boned Iberico Cebo Shoulder of whole leg is the best way to enjoy a delicacy like this, cutting it little by little because that is how its great refined and slightly salty flavor best stands out.

4.2 kg. net weight

vacuum packed



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Data sheet

4.2 kg.
Iberico cebo shoulder, salt, sugar, preservatives (E252, E250), acidity regulator E331 (iii), antioxidants E301.
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens contained.
vacuum packed
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net weight
4.2 kg.

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Semi-boneless Iberico Shoulder