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Pata Negra Iberico Ham

7.5 kg aprox.
In stock

Buy Pata Negra Iberico ham D.O.P. JABUGO online: exceptional quality and price

Buy Pata Negra Iberico ham online is easy with Gastronomic Spain. It is a 100% Iberian ham, that is, of pure Iberico breed. An Iberico Pata Negra ham with the black label certification and a minimum of 36 months of curing.

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What is a Pata Negra Iberico ham?

There are many Ibericos hams, but none like Pata Negra. It is the highest distinction of Spanish hams.

Pata Negra Iberico ham is the highest quality ham, from 100% Iberico porks. These purebred Iberico pigs are characterized by having lived in specific conditions to be able to obtain such a high quality Pata Negra ham.

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Characteristics of the Pata Negra Iberico Ham

Our Pata Negra Iberico ham is a whole leg of approximately 7.5 / 8 kg. This Pata Negra ham has been made from Iberico meat from 100% Ibericos porks, without crosses. These pigs have lived in pastures and in full freedom, in addition to having been fed on natural grasses and acorns.

These conditions gathered from 100% Iberico porks, result in a Pata Negra Iberico ham. A pure bellota ham that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Pata Negra Iberico hams are characterized by being juicy, having a special fat and a flexible and elastic texture. Characteristics that favor the easy cutting of the ham in the ham holder.

Pata Negra Iberico Ham from Jamones Lazo: with Black Label certificate

Jamones Lazo are in charge of the production of the excellent Pata Negra Iberico hams. Jamones Lazo is located in Huelva.

They carry out a completely artisan curing process, applying individualized monitoring to each ham for the appropriate time, and thus achieving the optimal curing of each product.

In addition, our Iberico ham is part of the black label hams. This means that it has the own certification of a pata negra ham and meets all the necessary characteristics that determine it.

How to start a Pata Negra Iberico ham:

When starting an Pata Negra Iberico ham, you have to be especially careful. We cannot start cutting anywhere, we must have a series of guidelines to follow to make a perfect cut and not destroy the piece.

  1. Place in the ham holder: we must place the ham with the hoof facing up (looking at the sky).
  2. Prepare and sharpen the ham knives: both the boning knife and the ham knife to apply at certain times.
  3. First cut: in the area of ​​the cane, upper part of the ham. Deep cut with the slanted knife, perpendicular to the leg. It must reach the bone to be able to remove the fat well.
  4. Remove crust: only the part to be consumed will be removed so that the meat always remains tender.
  5. Cut slices: the movement should be from the hoof to the tip of the ham.
  6. Turn around: once the bone is reached, the ham is turned over to continue cutting on the countermaza.
  7. Repeat the steps again.

Keep in mind that when cutting ham, the perfect size of a slice is about 5-6 centimeters. In this way, the flavor, texture and aroma will be much better appreciated.

You also have to take into account the knives to use. A pointed knife is recommended to remove the bark; a boning knife to break off the bone; and a ham knife to cut the ham to perfection.

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7.5 / 8 kg. net weight

Jamones Lazo

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Data sheet

7.5 kg aprox.
100% Iberian D.O.P. Jabugo acorn-fed pig ham and salt.
Does not contain allergens.
Jamones Lazo

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Pata Negra Iberico Ham