Romesco Sauce

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Exquisite and with a lot of tradition.

The Romesco Sauce is a traditional, Catalonian sauce made of roasted tomatoes and garlic together with almonds. It is a delicious sauce that goes well with meat, fish or vegetables.

130 gr

Our Romesco Sauce, a typical sauce from Catalonia, is made with roasted tomatoes, garlic and almonds. This traditional sauce has a great taste and it is very creamy.

The Romesco Sauce is carefully elaborated, respecting the ingredients. The tomatoes and the garlic are roasted and mixed with the almonds, sweet cayenne (pimenton) and oil. The result is a creamy sauce with a balanced taste and a spicy point. Our Romesco Sauce is 100% natural, without colourings or preservatives added.

Try the versatile Romesco Sauce in combination with meat, fish or vegetables. We recommend trying it with grilled because the roasted tastes harmonise well. Because of its creaminess you can also use the sauce as spread

130 gr

Our Romesco Sauce is suitable for celiac and vegans.

  • Ingredients: tomatoes, sunflower oil, olive oil, water, almonds, vinegar, garlic, sugar, sweet cayenne (pimentón), black pepper, salt
  • Allergens: contains sulphites, nuts (almonds)

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