Mustard and Honey Sauce

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The Mustard and Honey Sauce, with a hint of cranberries, is a very popular sauce that combines with a wide range of dishes. It is specially tasty together with grilled meat or vegetables.
225 gr

The Mustard and Honey Sauce is very creamy and it is perfect to have with a great variety of dishes.

Our Mustard and Honey Sauce is a classic, cold sauce with a nice hint of cranberries. The sauce is thick, creamy and tasty.

The Mustard and Honey Sauce is used in a great variety of dishes. It is especially popular with grilled meat and vegetables.. Besides the Roquefort Sauce goes along with nearly everything you want to spice up.

225 ml

  • Ingredients: water, vegetable oil, mustard (water, vinegar, mustard, salt, mustard fiber, spices, stabiliser (guar, xantana) vegetable oil, colouring (caramelo E-150d), acidifer (E-330)), sugar, vinegar, honey powder, dry cranberries, egg yolk, salt, aroma, acidifer (citirc acid), stabiliser (xantana)
  • Allergens: contains eggs, sulphites, can contain trazes of milk

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