Mayonnaise Calvé

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The Mayonnaise is a very popular sauce that combines with almost everything but specillay with prawns or aspargus.
430 ml

The Mayonnaise is very creamy and it is perfect to have with a great variety of dishes.

Our Mayonnaise is a classic one, made with eggs, thick, creamy and tasty.

The Mayonnaise is used in a great variety of dishes. It is especially popular with shrimps or asparagus. Besides the Cocktail Sauce goes along with almost everything you want to spice up: meats, seafood, vegetables or fish.

430 gr.

  • Ingredients: sunflower oil, water, egg yolk, vinegar, sugar, salt, concentrated lemon juice, stabilizer (xantana), preservative (potassium sorbate), aromas, coloring (caroten), antioxidante (EDTA)
  • Allergens: contains eggs, sulphites

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