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Cuttlefish Ink

16 gr
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Buy Cuttlefish Ink Nortindal

Buy Cuttlefish Ink Nortindal and give that unique sea flavour to your favourite dishes. You can combine Sepia (cuttlefish) Ink with pasta, rice or any type of fish such as squid or the different types of octopus that Gastronomic Spain offers.

We propose you a raw Sepia ink, unprocessed, it is important to treat it before consumption. It is a very useful concentrated ink to integrate into various dishes and stews. As a curious fact, it is important to note that although in many products it is indicated that it is squid ink, it is usually cuttlefish ink, as it is more common since squid’s more scarce.

Cuttlefish Ink Nortindal is gluten-free, it should be kept at room temperature and once opened, it should be kept in the fridge for a maximum of 20 days.

Cuttlefish Ink Nortindal perfect for your recipes

Cuttlefish Ink Nortindal is an ideal product for seasoning dishes such as fish, rice, pasta, breads, croquettes, etc. Its characteristic colour, texture and sea savour make Cuttlefish Ink Nortindal unique in the gastronomic world.

Cuttlefish Ink is a kind of dark pigment given off by some cephalopods. Seafood such as squid or octopus are some of the cephalopods that give off this ink. In fact, it is also known as squid ink.Our Cuttlefish Ink comes in a pack of 4 sachets and its preparation method is to dilute and add to the stew.

In addition to this Cuttlefish Ink, we also have a black seafood sauce already prepared, perfect for any meal that the consumer wants. Squid, European squid, boiled octopus or even rice dishes are some of the dishes we suggest. You can find all these products in our online shop.

Ingredients of Cuttlefish ink:

The ingredients of Cuttlefish Ink are: cuttlefish ink, water, salt and carboxymethylcellulose sodium thickener. It is gluten-free and the Cuttlefish Ink is packaged in handy individual sachets.

Cuttlefish Ink Nortindal characteristics:

Nortindal is possibly the largest producer of Cuttlefish Ink in Spain. In this case, it produces Cuttlefish Ink in the form of 4 bags of 4 grams each. The quantity of each bag is enough to make a good stew. Cuttlefish Ink cannot be eaten as it is, it is necessary to cook it. It is a concentrated product, which must be diluted in water for its correct preparation.

There are many typical Spanish dishes in which Cuttlefish Ink is used, such as black rice, squid in its ink and even pasta with cuttlefish.
How to use: 1 gr. of Cuttlefish Ink is enough to cook 100 gr, it only has to be diluted and added to the stew.

*From Gastronomic Spain we advise keeping it at room temperature. And once opened, keeping it in the fridge for a maximum of 20 days.
If you are looking for typical Spanish products, you are in the right online shop. Moreover, we have free shipping all over Europe.

4 sachets of 4gr.

16 gr. net weight


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Data sheet

16 gr
cuttlefish ink, water, salt, thickener (sodium carboxymethylcellulose)
contains mollusk, can contain traces of shellfish, fish, celery, lactose
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net weight
16 gr
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Cuttlefish Ink