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Mojo Picón

135 gr.
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Mojo Picón is a typical sauce from the Canary Islands and is characterized by its intense taste even though it cannot be considered a spicy sauce. It is usually a good accompaniment for meats and its international fame comes from the dish Papas Arrugás with Mojo Picón.

If it is already difficult to find Mojo Picón on the Iberian Peninsula, finding it abroad is impossible. We offer an elaborated sauce, ready to eat, in a glass jar of about 135 gr.

Familia Suarez Mojo Picón ingredients:

Familia Suarez Mojo Picón sauce is made with the following ingredients: sunflower oil, water, chorizo pepper pulp (15.9%), wine vinegar, fresh purple garlic (4.6%), modified starch, dehydrated red pepper (3.2%), spices (1.6%), sugar, salt, acidifier: citric acid, flavouring, preservative: potassium sorbate, stabiliser: xanthan gum and natural antioxidants: E-304/E-306.

Gluten-free, suitable for coeliacs.

Red Mojo sauce characteristics:

We introduce you to a red mojo sauce, known as Mojo Picón sauce, made by the Familia Suarez brand under the name of Primo Yeray. It is a delicious sauce presented in a glass jar and has a net weight of 135 grams.

Mojo Picón sauce has a thick texture, with certain density, although fluid. It is not lumpy and has a homogeneous orange colour. In the mouth it has an intense flavour, not spicy, but powerful. It is an ideal sauce to integrate with meats, although its fame has been achieved with the typical Canarian dish: Papas Arrugás with Red Mojo Picón.

Possibly the ingredients that stand out are the cumin and the garlic, which are already ingredients with a lot of personality.

Papas Arrugás with Red Mojo Picón:

Papas Arrugás is one of the best-known dishes from the Canary Islands. It is characterised by the use of potatoes of a small calibre, bite-size. Those potatoes are properly washed and are boiled in their skins with plenty of salt. Once they are cooked, the water is removed, and they are kept in the casserole. When they are in direct contact with the casserole dish, the skin dries out and wrinkles, which is why they are called “Papas Arrugás” (wrinkled potatoes). When serving the Mojo Picón sauce, it is necessary to put it in a pot and heat it. We recommend adding a little water to prevent the sauce from drying out.

135 gr.

Glass jar

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135 gr.

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Mojo Picón