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Ready to Serve

Homemade meals for every ocasion, from a sandwich whit ham to a stew.

If something we like the Spaniards is the pecking, a good picaeta or as they say everywhere, "take the appetizer". If the Spaniards differ from our neighbors in central and northern Europe, it is that we like to enjoy the good, we are not expensive tastes and have a beer or wine with snacks with family and friends is something that It fills us and makes our day.

As you will say no to some olives or a skewer of potato omelette, the ugly thing you do to your mother-in-law as you say you do not want to take some pickled mussels or some natural cockles before the meal. What a dislike you are going to give him! Having a good snack more than a good tradition is a feature of our culture and our own identity as a society. What if a cap of Manchego cheese, a good Iberian pork pate, or some ham-flavored fries or a simple "matahambre" such as some pipe donuts or some saladitos.

Do not resist, the best times and the best conversations you will have at snack time, no matter if you are on a terrace in summer or in your living room in winter, snacks, if you have to eat them, eat and chimpún!

In Gastronomic Spain you will find all the snacks you need, that simple. If there is something you can't find, we'll get it for you. A typical Spanish potatoes, such as peasant fries, fried potatoes with olive oil or some good balls or gang. Those torreznos or crusts of ham that you will not find anywhere else in Europe except in our store. A good gazpacho or salmorejo or some empanadillas or scalded. What am I going to tell you ... I start and I don't stop! normal then say no to dessert, but what are you going to do but? You started eating 3 hours ago and you don't see the light at the end of everything, but everything is so delicious! ...

On appetizers of the sea, you can find everything from natural knives, scallops and pickled mussels of all kinds, to clams, tuna in oil, northern bonito and the precious and coveted anchovies in vinegar. One of the appetizers they like most is the squid in their ink, the piquillo peppers stuffed with hake or cod, the mojama and the maruca roe. You can find the sardines you can find in all its forms and recipes.

Take a easy look, you will see that in Gastronomic Spain you can get all kinds of olives and pickles, from the typical banderillas to the Manzanilla olives and black or black or black olives of Aragon. Cheeses is another reason we are proud of. Bringing the main cheeses of Spain to anywhere in Europe is something we have recently achieved. Tetilla cheese, Manchego cheese, paprika cheese, creamy Casar cake, red wine cheese or Flor de Esgueva cheese.

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Piquillo Peppers Stuffed With Hake And Prawns

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