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Seafood Soup

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What is Seafood Soup?

The seafood cream, made according to the traditional recipe of the North, is made in an artisan way from a fumet of rockfish and langoustines. It is an elegant, tasty, and very distinguished dish. Seafood cream, also known as fish and seafood cream, is very typical at Christmas lunches and dinners. A traditional Spanish dish, warm and tasty.

Our seafood cream is made in an artisan way, respecting the ingredients and simmered to get that creamy and light texture. Only the best ingredients are used, such as rockfish fumet, langoustine, and fresh vegetables. The result is an authentic dish with lots of flavour.

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Seafood Cream Recipe

Here we are going to show you how to make the seafood cream that we offer in Gastronomic Spain from the hand of Aimar.

1. Poach the leek, onion, carrot and red pepper over a low heat for about 15 minutes.

2. Once these ingredients are poached, add the fish and a spoonful of paprika. Stir.

3. Sauté for 2 minutes and add a splash of brandy. Turn up the heat so that the alcohol evaporates.

4. Then add the fish stock and leave to cook for 20 minutes.

5. After this time, blend with the breadcrumbs until the desired creamy texture is obtained.

It should be noted that this seafood cream recipe is cooked over a low heat for more than 4 hours, it is pure concentrated sea flavour.

With this incredible seafood cream recipe, you can enjoy it from any city in Europe, direct from Spain to the table. You can add a langoustine or chopped parsley as a garnish.

And as well as being a unique dish, the seafood cream can also serve as a good base for a risotto or a seafood paella.

Seafood cream: elegance and flavour in one dish

Seafood cream is an excellent and highly valued dish in Spanish gastronomy. It is made from a fumet of rockfish and langoustine. Its fine flavour and creamy, smooth texture make it a distinguished and very common dish at Christmas lunches and dinners.

Enjoy this elegant traditional Spanish dish, made with the best raw materials and cooked over low heat for more than 4 hours. Europe-wide delivery on orders over £79.99 or £89.99.

Ingredients Seafood Cream Soup

Fish fumet (water, fish, leek, parsley), langoustine, onion, tomato, sunflower oil, leek, carrot, breadcrumbs, salt, brandy, thickener: E-415, garlic, and paprika.

Contains gluten, shellfish (langoustine), and fish.

Delicious Seafood Cream from Conservas Aimar

Our delicious seafood cream comes from Conservas Aimar, born in the docks of Pasajes and San Sebastian. Aimar is the traditional recipe signature of Conservas Medrano.

Aimar leaves no one indifferent with the best cooked and raw materials, based on traditional and regional recipes, a real delight!

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Conservas Aimar

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950 gr
rock fish stock (water, fish, leek, parsley), crayfish, onion, tomato, carrots, sunflower oil, leek, bread crumbs, salt, brandy, thickener E-415, garlic, sweet cayenne (pimenton)
contains gluten, shellfish (crayfish), fish
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Seafood Soup