The anchovies in vinegar, a delicious appetizer very ours, that you will love

The anchovies in vinegar, a delicious appetizer very ours, that you will love

The Anchovies in Vinegar are a typical appetizer in our country and since it is very widespread, the recipes for its preparation are also different, although the basic process is the same.

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The anchovy is a fish of small dimensions, up to 20 cm. long, gray in color with a bright appearance and that in some areas such as northern Spain is also known as anchovy, although this name is usually applied more when preserved in brine.

The Anchovies in Vinegar are a blue fish rich in fat but with omega 3 and therefore very beneficial for cholesterol control.

This fish usually lives at 100 m. deep in winter and in summer it rises to surface and that is when it is captured.

As with all fish that is consumed raw, it is necessary to take certain precautions to avoid the dangerous “anisakis”, which is an intestinal parasite, which increasingly affects all fish and some mollusks and which can also cause serious problems human in case of intake.

Despite what has been defended by some, neither vinegar nor brine eliminates this parasite, so it is convenient to freeze it at a temperature below -20ºC for a period of not less than two days, this being the best way to kill the parasite.

The exact causes of this proliferation of anisakis are unknown, which not many years ago was of rare presence and there are those who think that it may have some relationship with deep-sea fishing that cleans and manufactures fish on the high seas and throws offal from catches to the ocean, which greatly increases its contagion by being ingested by other fish.

For the preparation of anchovies in vinegar, clean loins are used, which are somewhat brown in color and put in a glass or ceramic fountain with salt, water and vinegar for about three hours and then placed for another six hours only in vinegar in a cool place.

After this process the color of the meat of the Boquerones in Vinegar is almost white, due to the action of the vinegar.

The presentation for consumption is made by draining them previously from the vinegar, placing them in a flat dish or bowl and garnishing them with abundant slices of garlic, extra virgin olive oil and parsley.

They can be kept frozen, in which case they are frozen once prepared and before consumption, after thawed, make the presentation that I mentioned above.

The Anchovies in Vinegar, due precisely to its taste of vinegar, do not match well with a wine, being more convenient to accompany their consumption beer or any juice.

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