Fried Pork Rind

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They are so good they made them heritage of humanity.

The Fried Pork Rind, called Torreznos, is cut in strips and fried in its own fat. The golden, crunchy strips have a traditional taste and they are a real enjoyment.

100 gr.
vacuum packed

The Fried Pork Rind traditionally prepared crunchy strips of bacon fried in their own fat. The so called Torreznos are considered as gastronomic heritage of humanity by the UNESCO.

Our Fried Pork Rind is made with pork back strap. It is fried in its own fat and the result are golden, crunchy and tender straps. Our Fried Pork Rind is 100% natural, without colourings or preservatives added.

Enjoy our Fried Pork Rind as snack, instead of potato chips, with a cold beer or as a tapa. You can also have it as side dish with traditional Spanish meals like the Migas Breadcrumbs.

100 gr.
vacuum packed

  • Ingredients: pork skin, salt, cayenne (pimenton), garlic, pepper, oregano
  • Allergens: According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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