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Lomo Embuchado Sliced

100 gr
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Buying sliced cured loin of pork at its best price

We offer a thinly sliced cured loin of pork, packed in a protective atmosphere. A delicious product made by one of our most trustworthy suppliers, Palcarsa.

Serve your wine glass, beer or soda with the most tender and fine cured loin of pork. The cured loin of pork does not disappoint, with the sliced one that Gastronomic Spain offers, you’ll be impressed.

Prepare a dinner with traditional Spanish food, serve a good cured loin of pork with an Albariño wine and delight your guests with a delicious and spectacular dinner from which they will leave quite pleased.

For sure you will end the night being the best host they have ever had.

Sliced cured loin of pork ready-to-serve

Are you one of those people whose zen moment is with a wine glass one hand? If that is you, you need to know that the glorious moment you are having is not as good if it lacks the serve of a good cured loin of pork to accompany the wine.

This cold meat comes from the pork loin, without the exterior fat, pickled and finally stuffed in a pork belly. Does not your water mouth because of this? Because it does to us. If you are a fan of the Spanish cold meats, this product will be your ruin. So, don’t waste any more time and take advantage of our offers.

Ingredients of the Palcarsa Cured Loin of Pork

The Palcarsa cured loin of pork is made with: pork loin, salt, spices, sugar, antioxidants (E 301), preservers (E 252, E 250).

It is a gluten and lactose free product

Cured loin of pork and other special Iberian pork loins for you

Gastronomic Spain offers you this typical Spanish product, a snack such as the exquisite and delicious to all who tries it cured loin of pork. Yet we know that our clients, meaning you, have fine tastebuds and quite non-conformist as well, for that we have the perfect solution: a great variety of typical Spanish products, from Iberian hams, all kinds of pork loins (cured loin of pork, Iberian pork loin, orza pork loin, etc.), white wines, red wines, marine snacks, snacks and any other product you may need you will find at your disposal.

If you are a fan of Spanish cold meats, the sliced cured loin of pork will be your ruin. So, don’t waste any time and seize our offer. Yet remember that we have a great variety of pork loins, such as the orza pork loin, the acorn one or the Iberian one. The most exquisite ones. And don’t forget, shipping fees are FREE.

100 gr net weight

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Data sheet

100 gr
Lean pork loin, salt, natural spices, sugar, preservatives (E-250, E-252), antioxidant (E-301)
According to de EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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Lomo Embuchado Sliced

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