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Potted Pork Mix

320 gr.
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Potted Pork Mix: what is it and what is it made of? 

Our Potted Pork Mix contains only top-quality pieces: tasty sausages, tender pork loin and excellent ribs. The best of the pork preserved in oil. A real treat!

The Potted Pork Mix comes from Aragón (Spain) and is the art of preserving food taken to the next level. The pork used to make the assortment is of the highest quality. The pieces are fried first and then preserved covered in oil. By doing so, the meat is preserved, and the pieces remain as fresh for months.

This product can be eaten either hot or cold. It is a tasty and easy dish that can be eaten straight from the tin and served with bread or cooked in a pan as part of a combined dish. We recommend trying it as the main ingredient in a rice dish from Aragón, where, in addition to the meat pieces, part of the oil is used to give the rice an incredible flavour.

Potted Pork Mix ingredients: 

Loin and rib: pork, salt, sugar, preservative (E-250, E-252), and antioxidant (E-300).

Sausage: lean pork and pork belly, salt, spices and natural extracts, corn starch and dextrin, dextrose, vegetable fibre, vegetable protein, stabiliser (E-452), antioxidants (E-301, E-331), preservative (E-250), colouring (E-120) and natural casing.

Contains lactose.

It is recommended to store between 0ºC and 10ºC.

Qalat’s Preserved Potted Pork

Our preserved Potted Pork Mix is made by Qalat, a meat manufacturer located in Qalat (Calamocha) and it is a benchmark in Teruel and Aragón. Qalat stands out for the production of high-quality cold meat from Teruel, preserves from Aragon, pork meats and, in general, meat products from the region.

The origins of Qalat date back to 1914 when they opened their first butcher's shop in Godos de Teruel and today they have expanded to such an extent that they are recognised as a brand of RURAL QUALITY: JILOCA-GALLOCANTA for the quality and rural origin of their products.

Moreover, Qalat is characterised by: 

- Sustainable organisation: introducing a solar plant and reducing CO2, as well as replacing plastics with environmentally friendly materials. 

- Social responsibility: with integrity and environmental values.

- Social responsibility to consumers: through quality and good work with local products.

*The product corresponds to 1 vacuum pack of preserved Potted Pork Mix.

Buying Qalat’s Potted Pork Mix at a good price

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320 gr. net weight (approximately) 

Vacuum sealed 


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320 gr.
Loin and rib: pork, salt, sugar, preservative (E-250, E-252), and antioxidant (E-300). Longaniza: lean pork and belly, salt, spices and natural extracts, corn starch and dextrin, dextrose, vegetable fiber, vegetable protein, stabilizer (E-452), antioxidants (E-301, E-331), preservative (E -250), dye (E-120) and natural casing.
Contains lactose
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vacuum packed
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Potted Pork Mix