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Potted Mix of Pork

290 gr
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Our Potted Mix of Pork is made of high quality pieces just like the tasty Spanish sausages, the tender pork loin and excellent rips. The best of the pork preserved in oil.

The Potted Mix of Pork, from the region of Aragon, puts the art of preserving meat to the next level. The pork meat used to elaborate the mix is of the best quality. The single pieces are fried first and then covered with oil. With this way of preserving meat the different pieces stay like freshly cooked during months. Formerly this way of preservation was used to keep in good conditions the meat when a pig was slaughtered. Nowadays it has become a delicacy and a different way to enjoy sausages and meat.

You can enjoy the Potted Mix of Pork cold as well as warm. This typical Spanish dish is tasty and easy to prepare. It can be eaten cold, with no further preparation as it is already cooked, together with bread, cheese or olives, or shortly fried in a pan as the meat part of a dish with vegetables, rice or potatoes. We recommend using it as key ingredients for Rice from Aragon, a sort of Paella that is very typical in the region of Aragon.

Jar 1.1 kg

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Data sheet

290 gr
sunflower oil, pork loin, sugar, preservatives (E-250. E-252), antioxidant (E-300)saussages: lean pork meat, pork jowl, salt, milk, sugger, emulsifier (E-452)
contains lactose
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
1.100 gr

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Potted Mix of Pork

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