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Lomo Iberico half piece

400 gr
In stock

Buy online half piece of Lomo Ibérico

Iberico pork loin is one of the main characters in the scene of cold meats because of its flavour and elegance. Iberico loin is probably the most coveted Iberian pig cold meat, we offer this Iberico pork loin in cane format.

When we talk about our Iberico pork loin, we are referring to a delicious cured loin, a pork loin original from Salamanca. Our cured loin comes from the region of Salamanca, its aired, firm and with a fine flavour.

Cured Iberico pork loin is stuffed in natural casing and it follows a maturation process suitable for consumption.

Lomo Ibérico (half Piece), the most prized Iberian cured loin

We could say that our lomo ibérico (half Piece) is able to overshadow the giant of cold meats, ibérico ham. And that’s a big talk because no one can resist an ibérico ham.

Iberico pork loin comes from the region of Salamanca, which has the perfect climate for the curing of hams and cold meats. Iberico loin, as its name suggest, comes from Iberico pork, which is raised in the same region on natural feds and acorns. Iberian pigs spend between 2 and 4 months in dehesa pastures. During the careful airing process, the marinated loin adopts its firmness, its soft reddish colour, its characteristic scent, its juiciness and its fine flavour.

Iberian pork loin comes in 400 g. format and vacuum packed. We recommend leaving it to air for about 15 minutes before its consumption. You will enjoy with this great Iberico loin no matter the way you take it. This cebo loin is perfect if you are good with knives or if you have a slicer at home.

Of course, this Iberico cured loin is a must on the board of cold meats we offer when our friends are coming home, when we prepare dinner for our partner or just before the Sunday paella. But if you want to enjoy even more facilities, we also have the same product, but previously sliced. Straight to the plate. Perfect if you have a slicer of if you are good with knives, as you can cut it however you want and eat it straight away.

The best selection of Iberian loin and cured loin in Gastronomic Spain

In addition to Iberian pork loin or cured loin, Gastronomic Spain offers other types of loin, such as orza loin, Iberian bellota loin or cured loin from Teruel. You will find them sliced or as a whole piece.

But if this is not enough, in our online shop you have more than 800 products which are typical of Spanish gastronomy, including ibérico hams, seafood appetizers or any other product you could need in your pantry.

Check our terms of delivery, buy we want to let you know that if you exceed the cost of 79.99€, delivery costs will be totally free. Then, you should stop waiting.

½ Iberico pork loin

Approximately 400 gr.

Vacuum packed

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Data sheet

400 gr
Iberian pork loin, salt, garlic, cayenne (pimenton), sugar, lactose, antioxidants (E-300, E-331iii), preservatives (E-252, E-250)
contains lactose
vacuum packed
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net weight
400 gr
Nieto Martin

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Lomo Iberico half piece

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