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Iberico Pork Loin Sliced

100 gr
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Sliced Iberico loin, the star of the boards of cold meats

Are you sick of eating the same snacks over and over? Do not hesitate and dive in the world of cold meats, especially with cebo Iberico loin. And I say snacks because we always eat the same: chips, olives, lupin beans, etc. But with a good board of 100 g. of this sliced Iberico pork loin, you will instantly captivate any dinner guest.

Our Iberico pork loin is cebo, the most prized cold meat by far, a correctly and carefully cured loin.

Its curation involves a careful process, of about six months. A slow process, but with elegant results, perfect to go straight into your palate. And I say straight because it is already sliced, so what are you waiting for to please your friends?

Leave them with their mouths open!

We recommend leaving the Iberian loin to air for about 15 minutes before its consumption. You will enjoy with this great Iberian product no matter the way you take it. A perfect product if you aren’t good with knives or you don’t have a slicer, or maybe if you are just one of those who look for a delicious and easy product.

In addition to sliced Iberico loin, in the online shop of Gastronomic Spain you will find a great variety of loins, such as cured loin or orza loin. Find the special Iberian loin for you.

100 gr. net weight


Vacuum packed

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100 gr
Lean Iberian pork loin, salt, natural spices, sugar, preservatives (E-250, E-252), antioxidant (E-301)
According to de EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
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vacuum packed
net weight
100 gr

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Iberico Pork Loin Sliced

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