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Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Loin Sliced

80 gr.
In stock

Enjoy Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Loin Sliced Online, eat lomo embuchado as you deserve

We offer an Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Loin Sliced in 80 gram format and vacuum-packed, made by the Nieto Martín cold meats and hams company.

Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Loin Sliced is one of those Spanish products that you can't miss in your fridge when you live outside Spain. Our acorn-fed pork loin is from 50% Iberian breed pigs from Guijuelo. It comes in a 80-gram format cut into thin slices, so that all you have to do is enjoy it.

We offer you a wide variety of top-quality Spanish cold meat and lomo embuchado (cured pork loin). If this is not the Iberico Pork Loin you are looking for, here you can see our entire catalogue.

Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Loin Sliced ingredients

The ingredients used to make this loin are: Acorn-fed loin 50% Iberian breed, salt spices, sugar, dextrose. preservatives (E-250; E-252) antioxidants (E-301) and olive oil. inedible skin.

This is a lactose-free food. It does not contain gluten, so it is suitable for coeliacs.

Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Loin characteristics

We offer you the best quality Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Loin. It is a loin obtained from pigs fed with natural pasture and acorns and is 50% Iberian breed. It is cured for 4 to 6 months. It comes in thin slices, peeled and vacuum-packed in a 80 gr. format.

It is a high-quality loin. It has a cherry red colour and a slight marbling produced by the infiltration of the fat. It is cut in slices 1,5 mm thick and the size of the slice is about 5 cm in diameter. It has a consistent texture, slightly more tender on the inside. Its flavour is mild and delicate.

It is important to open the package 30 minutes before consumption.

Buy cheap Acorn-fed Pork Loin, a delicious, cured pork loin

When thinking about typical Spanish food, Acorn-fed Pork Loin is one of the first things that come to mind. From Gastronomic Spain we recommend this Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Loin, a delicious loin from Guijuelo that will not last long in your fridge. Enjoy our lomo embuchado at any time of the day.

Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Loin is a Spanish product that is very difficult to find outside Spain. When we try to find other food apart from the chorizo and Iberico ham, eating like in Spain is an odyssey. Our Iberico Acorn-fed will be the perfect solution for an unexpected Spanish aperitif or a surprise visit. A Spanish tapa that everyone loves.

What is so special about this Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Loin? Our Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Loin is special because it comes from Iberico pigs, that is to say, its meat comes from the 100% pure Iberian breed. A breed native to Spain and highly coveted in the world of Iberian cured meats.

This is an Iberico Pork Loin that has already gone through the slicer, and for this very reason we advise you to take it out of the packaging one hour before eating. Like the Iberico ham and the Iberico chorizo, it is an ideal product to accompany with some bread with olive oil and tomato and a good Ribera del Duero or Rioja wine.

What are you waiting for to try the delicious Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Loin?

80 gr. net weight

Sliced format


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80 gr.
Acorn-fed loin 50% Iberian breed, salt spices, sugar, dextrose. preservatives (E-250; E-252) antioxidants (E-301) and olive oil. inedible skin.
Does not contain allergens
vacuum packed
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net weight
80 gr
Nieto Martin

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