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Black Truffel Longaniza Salami

250 gr
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Longaniza from Aragón with Black Truffle, delicious and top-quality

Aragón Longaniza with Black Truffle is elaborated the same way as longaniza from Aragón, but this one is characterized by the addition of black truffle.

This black truffle is a mushroom which comes from truffle plantations and it is considered to be a gourmet product because of its unmistakable scent and its economic value.

What is Aragón Black Truffle Longaniza Salami?

Aragón Longaniza Salami is already an exceptional product in itself, together with the Black Truffle it becomes a delicacy. Our Aragón Black Truffle Longaniza Salami comes from the province of Teruel and has an exquisite and fine black truffle taste. Aragón Black Truffle Longaniza Salami is made with the best ingredients: select pork meat from Teruel or black truffles from Sarrión.

It is a type of Spanish sausage perfect to serve and surprise. A differential longaniza salami, delicious and of first quality, with the best ingredients and a very careful elaboration.

Enjoy everything from our catalogue of Spanish longaniza salami, with shipping all over Europe.

Jamones Carbó Black Truffle Longaniza Salami characteristics

The whole Longaniza Salami is dark red in colour, with the typical white streaks and black streaks of the truffle. It has a pleasant smell of black truffle and the characteristic taste of the Longaniza Salami is enhanced by the taste of the black truffle.

The product has a net weight of approximately 250 grams, is vacuum sealed and comes from Jamones Carbó, a family company founded four generations ago and dedicated to the production of pork products. They are located in Teruel and thanks to its climate, they are able to achieve optimal and artisan elaborations with the best conditions.

Enjoy with our Aragón Black Truffle Longaniza Salami since it is an exceptional gourmet product. It is ideal as a snack, with some bread and extra virgin olive oil.

What is Black Truffle?

The black truffle, scientifically known as Tuber melanosporum, is a highly valued mushroom in gastronomy. It is often used both raw and cooked, and is normally found in sauces to accompany meat, pasta and other dishes.

The best known sauce is the Perigord sauce, made with truffles and mushrooms.

This mushroom is characterised by an irregular shape, with some warts and a purplish-black colour, with white veins. It is harvested in winter using trained sniffer dogs and the so-called truffle machete. The appropriate dates are from January to March and, in this case, it is done in the town of Sarrión (Teruel), considered the world capital of these mushrooms.

Aragón Black Truffle Longaniza Salami ingredients

Lean pork and pork belly, truffle (tuber melanosporum), salt, milk powder, lactose, spices, dextrose, stabiliser (E-450, E-452), milk protein, dextrin, flavour enhancer (E621), antioxidant (E-301), preservative (E252) and colouring (E-124).

What is so special about Aragón Black Truffle Longaniza Salami?

Aragón Longaniza Salami is one of the most prized Spanish sausages in Spanish gastronomy, especially in Aragonese gastronomy. It is part of the tradition and homemade elaborations of the region, but in this case with a touch of innovation, the introduction of the prestigious black truffle.

This typical product of Aragón has been made for many generations and nowadays it is still produced using traditional methods.

The preparation of the longaniza salami requires special care, but above all quality Aragonese meat.

Buying Aragón Black Truffle Longaniza Salami online

Do you have to organise the weekend dinner with friends? Are you going to visit your family? Do you want to surprise your partner? Dazzle with this Aragón Black Truffle Longaniza Salami and leave everyone open-mouthed. It has a special taste and is an excellent appetizer.

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250 gr. net weight (approximately)

Vacuum sealed

Whole piece

Jamones Carbó

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Data sheet

250 gr
lean pork meat, bacon, salt, lactose, dextrose, milk protein, skimmed milk powder, dextrin, sugar, preservatives (E-252, E-250), antioxidant (E-331, E-301), coloring (E-120), spices, natural casing
contains lactose
Jamones Carbo

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Black Truffel Longaniza Salami

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