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Cebo Iberico Pork Shoulder Piece

900 gr
In stock

Cebo Iberico Pork Shoulder Piece at a good price and of the best quality

Our Cebo Iberico Pork Shoulder Piece is an incredible product to enjoy with family or friends. Thanks to being totally boned, this bait Iberian mace will be very easy to cut. So, you can already surprise your beloved ones with this amazingly tasty and delicious Iberian palette.

The pork shoulder in a mace is elaborated from the own flesh of the Iberian pork. It is of excellent quality since it is in great care in its elaboration and has 14 months of healing.

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Why buy an Cebo Iberico Pork Shoulder Piece?

The answer to the question is very easy: because it is delicious!

Our Cebo Iberico Pork Shoulder Piece is perfect for those who do not want a whole piece of ham or shoulder in an envelope. With this product you can cut the slices or cubes of cured ham that you want to your liking and use them in multiple recipes. For this you will need a good ham knife that Gastronomic Spain has available for you. Check them out.

Characteristics of the Cebo Iberico Pork Shoulder Piece

This typical product from Spain is an Iberico Pork Shoulder Piece produced in Eresma. In charge of carefully and precisely elaborating this product and many others available on our website.

Eresma has its own dryers where they control the level of salty, temperature and humidity for as long as the pork shoulders are there.

It should be noted that our Iberico ham shoulder has the Tierra de Sabor seal, which marks the guarantee of: quality, flavor and 100% origin from Castilla y León.

Other notable features:

  • It comes from 50% Iberian pigs raised on Eresma's own farms, located in Segovia.
  • It has a minimum cure of 14 months.
  • It stands out for its balanced flavor, its delicious streaky fat and the regularity of the piece itself.
  • It is completely boned, so it will be very easy to cut it on a cold meat slicer or a ham knife.

Recipes with ham or shoulder tacos

By having a mace, it is very easy to cut ham or shoulder cubes and use them in different recipes that we all love.

Pizza: If you already like pizza, if we add some ham tacos it should already be a pizza to touch the sky. Don't go overboard with the ingredients, just mozzarella, mushrooms and a few taquitos will be more than enough.

Omelette: it does not matter if it has onion or if not, it does not matter what type of omelette it is. In any case, if we add some ham blocks it will be more than excellent.

Potatoes: always present. Cut them to taste, season them with a little cheese and ham cubes, and bake. A perfect appetizer that everyone loves.

Our Iberico pork shoulder is an incredible product to enjoy with family or friends. Thanks to the fact that it is completely boneless, this Iberian mace will be very easy to cut. So, now you can surprise your friends with this incredible tasty and delicious Iberian shoulder.

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* The price is indicated per piece (the weight may vary).

900 gr net weight

Vacuum packaging

Format in piece.


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900 gr
Cebo Iberico Pork Shoulder, salt, sugar, conservatives (E252, E250), acidity corrector E331, Antioxidant E301.
vacuum packed
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