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Guijuelo Iberico Shoulder Cut with Knife

80 gr.
In stock


Guijuelo Iberico Shoulder cut with a knife, a top quality Spanish product

The Guijuelo Iberico Shoulder cut with a knife, is a delicious and very popular product in Spain. It comes from a 50% Iberian Iberian breed and has the respective Denomination of Origin of Guijuelo. One of the most international Spanish products. Although is difficult to find outside of Spain, you will find it in Gastronomic Spain, your perfect Spanish food online shop.

Buy Guijuelo Iberico shoulder cut with a knife and forget about cutting the shoulder or buying a ham holder. Your Iberico shoulder straight to the plate.

Guijuelo Iberico shoulder cut with a knife: what it is and characteristics

The Guijuelo Iberico Shoulder is a product that shines in Spain. It is the favorite of many since being cut with a knife saves you '' arguing '' with the ham holder. You just have to serve and that's it.

Our Iberian shoulder of Guijuelo bait is 50% Iberian breed, the breed par excellence of Spanish sausages. It comes from the front legs of the Iberian pig and is cured for 24 months in the Guijuelo de Nieto Martín wineries.

The most outstanding characteristics of the excellent Guijuelo Iberian shoulder are:

  • It comes from 50% Iberian breed pig. Specifically of the front legs of the pig, the main difference between Iberian ham. This Iberian breed is certified with their respective select crosses. In addition, they are raised on Nieto Martín's own farms, where the welfare of the animal meets all the requirements of the EU.
  • It has a minimum curing of 24 months in the Guijuelo wineries. The curing is less than that of the Iberian bait ham due to its size.
  • The meat of the shoulder itself is pink to a deep red, and thanks to its fat leaks, it offers a shiny appearance at room temperature.
  • 80 gr envelope.
  • It has no allergens and is suitable for coeliacs.

Iberico Cebo Shoulder by Nieto Martín

Without a doubt, the Nieto Martín hams and shoulders that we offer at Gastronomic Spain are of the highest quality. Nieto Martín is located in Guijuelo, the best place in the world to make Iberian sausages. In addition, it is part of the Protected Designation of Origin, which gives immense value to all its products, such as our Iberian bait shoulder.

Why buy knife-cut Guijuelo Iberico Shoulder?

The Iberico cebo shoulder is presented on a carefully placed plate. Its weight is 80 gr. net weight. It has a perfect presentation and is an ideal Spanish product to eat with family and friends. We advise you to remove the bait paddle from the container one hour before consuming, so that it is at room temperature. A delicious Spanish tapas that everyone likes.

We have plenty of reasons to tell you why you should buy Guijuelo Iberian shoulder cut with a knife. In addition to being able to serve it directly to the plate, our product is of the highest quality and with the Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin.

Gastronomic Spain is your cheap ham shop in Europe. We have a wide range of Iberian and Serrano hams and shoulders. If this is not the Iberico shoulder that best suits what you are looking for, you can see our catalog right here.

80 gr. net weight

vacuum packed

Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin

shipped in isothermal container with refrigeration

Nieto Martin

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Data sheet

80 gr.
Iberian pork shoulder, salt and preservatives E-250 and E-252
Does not contain allergens.
vacuum packed
taric code
net weight
80 gr
Nieto Martin

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