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Guijuelo Iberian Shoulder cut with knife

80 gr.
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Guijuelo Iberian Shoulder Cut with a Knife, perfect to serve and enjoy

For many, ham and cured shoulder ae the same, especially for people outside of Spain. We present you the Guijuelo Iberian Shoulder Cut with a Knife. A package of shoulder of Cebo that you will treasure in the fridge.

The Iberian Shoulder of Cebo is presented on a carefully placed plate. It weights 80 g. net weight. It has a perfect presentation and is ideal Spanish product to eat with family or friends. We advise you to remove the Shoulder of Cebo from the container one hour before consuming, so that it is at room temperature. A delicious Spanish tapa that everyone likes.

Gastronomic Spain is your cheap ham shop in Europe. We have a wide range of Iberian and serrano hams and shoulders. If this is not the Iberian shoulder that best suits what you are looking for, you can see our catalogue right here.

The pork that is obtained from the cured shoulder is not the ae as that obtained from the ham, even if they come from the same pig. Unlike ham, the Iberian shoulder has less fat. Buy Guijuelo Iberian shoulder Cut with a Knife, you will love it!

Do you know how to start a shoulder? One of the main aspects that differentiates a shoulder from a Serrano ham is its morphology. The pork shoulder, being the front legs of the animal, are substantially smaller. It also has another structure that makes it different from the bone of the ham.

80 grams, net weight

Vacuum packed

Guijuelo Iberian Shoulder Cut with a Knife

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80 gr.
paleta de cerdo ibérico de cebo, sal y conservadores E-250 y E-252
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vacuum packed
net weight
80 gr

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