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Boneless Iberico Ham

4,5 kg
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Buy boneless Iberico Ham, the best option to cut ham at home

Our boneless iberico ham weighs 4.5 kg approx. and is vacuum packed. It is a peeled and boneless iberico ham. Slightly polished, which means that some excess fat has been removed. It is a large ham, from 50% iberico pig. It is a iberico cebo ham, cured for 24 months or more. The boneless iberico ham is a delicious ham, it comes from an iberico pig that has been natural fed.

Gastronomic Spain is the largest shop of hams and paletas (shoulders) in Europe. If our boneless iberico ham does not suit what you are looking for, we have a wide catalogue of iberico hams and iberico paletas (shoulders). You can consult it here. If you are looking for a cheap iberico ham, this is your online Spanish food shop. The widest variety of hams. We have the best jamon iberico price.

The boneless cebo ham is a very versatile ham, ideal for cooks. This ham is perfect for slicing in a slicer or for slicing with a knife on a board. You choose the thickness. You can make small pieces of ham for your stews. Whole boneless cebo ham is a fantastic option if you eat serrano ham frequently.

This is a Spanish product that is very difficult to find outside Spain. Usually, in the big European capitals, you can find different iberico hams and serrano hams. But to find a peeled, polished and boneless iberico ham is more complicated. One of the advantages of buying a boneless iberico ham is that the curing process is perfect from the inside out.

Many people like to cut ham directly from the ham holder, however, you have to be dexterous with the knife so that there is not too much waste. But if you cut the boneless iberico ham on a board, you will use all the ham and still the flavour is the same.

Living outside Spain doesn´t mean that you have to give up Spanish gastronomy. This product has free shipping to anywhere in Europe.

4,5 kg net weight approx.

vacuum packed

boneless iberico ham

Nieto Martín

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4,5 kg
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vacuum packed
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Boneless Iberico Ham

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