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Vegan Chorizo Calabizo

120 gr
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If you are one of those who loves Spanish food but does not want to eat any animal products by far. The Gastronomic Spain vegan chorizo is your best option. A pumpkin chorizo, totally natural and without any animal products. Make yourself some delicious macaroni with vegan chorizo, or some lentils with vegan chorizo. You will love it. I advise you to buy vegan chorizo online.

Our vegan chorizo is made from pumpkin and 100% natural products.

Shop online vegan chorizo. Vegan chorizo with ecolabel

The Spanish gastronomy is delightful and counts with a lot of traditional recipes that have survived during the centuries. One of the most usual ingredients in the traditional cuisine is the chorizo. Nowadays, more and more people want to eat well but following a new life philosophy, veganism and vegetarianism.

We now offer vegan pumpkin chorizo, a product vegan and bio elaborated with dry pumpkin, perfect for your traditional dishes. Shop vegan chorizo online, a must-have in your pantry.

Vegetarian chorizo ingredients:

This vegetarian chorizo is made with natural and bio ingredients, its objective is to satisfy the needs of the consumers that have chosen not to consume products of animal origin but they still want to enjoy the traditional flavors such as chorizo. All the ingredients used to elaborate this vegan chorizo sausage are bio. This product has been certified as bio vegan chorizo.


Pumpkin, onion, extra virgin olive oil, sweet paprika, garlic and oregano.

The vegan pumpkin chorizo comes from an ancestral Galician recipe. This 100% vegetable chorizo is made from cured and smoked pumpkin that has been previously mixed with the rest of the ingredients.

The same chorizo as always but 100% vegan and bio

As well as the traditional chorizo, the vegan pumpkin chorizo is very versatile. You can include it in stews, cooked it in the oven, grill or frying pan and you can even eat it raw.

An important thing to consider is that the chorizo skin is not edible, so it has to be removed.

If you love vegan food but you don’t know how to make vegan chorizo, we advise you to give a chance to our vegan pumpkin chorizo. It’s made with pumpkin, a product 100% natural. It’s a very versatile vegan chorizo, you can fry it so it’s easier to include it in your recipes. Vegan food is increasingly becoming more popular and this vegan chorizo is going to make your dishes tastier.

It's a vegan chorizo because it has been stuffed and cured for 30 days, at least. Once it’s dried, it obtains a texture similar to the chorizo. You could say it’s vegan meat.

It’s better if you fry the vegan chorizo before its consumption, but you can also eat it raw. It’s very important to remove the cellulose casing before frying and consuming. Shop vegan pumpkin chorizo online. Once you try it you won’t be able to stop. Check our chorizo catalogue in Gastronomic Spain.

120 gr.

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Vegan Chorizo

Vegan pumpkin chorizo

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120 gr
Calabaza, oregano, pimentón, cebolla, ajo, sal y aceite de oliva

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Vegan Chorizo Calabizo

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