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Txistorra from Pamplona

210 gr.
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Txistorra from Pamplona, delicious sausage made of pork meat and bacon

The Txistorra from Pamplona, also known as Chistorra, is one of the Spanish sausages par excellence. A typical white chorizo to be fried and enjoyed in a thousand different ways: skewers, chorizo with cider, potatoes a la Navarra, etc.

The Txistorra that we have at Gastronomic Spain comes from La Pamplonica, a company located in Navarra and dedicated exclusively to the production of Spanish patés and sausages. Enjoy our delicious txistorra from anywhere in Europe with FREE shipping.

What is the Txistorra from Pamplona?

La Txistorra from Pamplona is a type of Spanish chorizo made to be fried on the grill or back and forth in the pan. Txistorra, also known as chistorra, accompanies very traditional Spanish dishes such as the plate of fried eggs with chistorra, the delicious cider-style txistorra or the simple but delicious chistorra sandwich.

It is a chorizo that makes a difference, made with the best raw materials. In addition, it is one of the main products that reign in barbecues and dinners with friends. Thanks to Gastronomic Spain you can enjoy Pamplona's txistorra from anywhere in Europe, as well as other types of Spanish chorizo.

La Pamplonica

Our txistorra is made in La Pamplonica, one of the world's leading producers of sausages and patés. They make traditional foods such as txistorra or chorizo from Pamplona and stealthily take care of every detail of the production processes to offer optimum quality.

Txistorra ingredients

The ingredients that make up the txitorra from La Pamplonica are mainly pork meat and bacon. But, without a doubt, one of the main ingredients in sweet paprika, the spice that gives it all the reddish touch so characteristic.

Buy Txistorra from Pamplona Online, an excellent sausage from Navarra

If you were looking for a special, artisan and quality txistorra, our Pamplona txistorra is your perfect product.

Finding this type of Spanish products outside of Spain is very complicated, for this Gastronomic Spain gives you the opportunity to enjoy Spanish gastronomy from any city in Europe. Our online store is full of products that you will love such as cured ham or appetizers from the sea, so take advantage of this opportunity and buy Spanish food with FREE shipping.

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La Pamplonica

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210 gr.
Pork meat and bacon, paprika, salt, sugar, garlic, antioxidants E-316, E-392, preservatives E-250, E-252. Edible collagen wrap.
May contain soy, mustard, milk and dairy products.
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vacuum packed
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La Pamplonica

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Txistorra from Pamplona