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One of the most representative foods of Aragon are its sausages. Aragon has a great variety of sausages. Among them we can highlight the sausages with truffle from Sarrión. We present a great variety of sausages that will make your appetizers a spectacular meal.

Black Truffel Longaniza Salami

Price €7.26
220 gr

Cured Pork Loin D.O. Teruel

Price €12.90
400 gr

Longaniza With Boletus

Price €7.26
330 gr

Chorizo With Black Truffle

Price €7.26
330 gr

Black Truffle Salchichon Salami

Price €7.26
310 g

Longaniza From Aragón

Price €6.35
300 gr

Village Salchichón

Price €4.17
280 gr.

Cured Bacon

Price €7.26
500 gr.

Grandma Tajadas

Price €3.99
500 gr.

Orza Longaniza

Price €4.99
225 gr.

Orza Loin Vacuum Packed

Price €7.26
215 gr.

Cooked Ear

Price €5.81
500 gr.

Cooked Morro

Price €5.63
500 gr.

Orza Ribs

Price €3.72
280 gr