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totally temporarily and only for the next 3 weeks, we are going to offer you a wide selection of products from Aragon. Quality products at an unrepeatable price. Most of these products are handmade and selected. Typical foods of the Aragon region aimed at all Aragonese living outside of Spain and those Spaniards and fans of Spanish gastronomy who want to eat rich food anywhere in Europe

Albarracín Cheese With Red Wine

Price €7.68
350 gr.

Albarracín Cheese Gold Semi-cured

Price €7.68
350 gr.

Albarracín Rosemary Cheese

Price €7.68
350 gr

Tender Albarracín Cheese

Price €6.82
350 gr.

Cured Cheese Los Tambores

Price €7.68
275 gr.

Patamulo Cheese

Price €5.18
200 gr

Pañoleta Cheese

Price €6.53
250 gr

Fanbar Cheese

Price €7.20
290 gr.

Foie And Black Truffle Mousse

Price €8.99
130 gr.


Price €2.00
660 gr

Teruel Shoulder Ham

Price €54.54
5 kg

Potted Mix Of Pork

Price €7.63
290 gr

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Empeltre 5 L

Price €32.59
5 L.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Empeltre 2 L.

Price €14.08
2 L.

Black Olive Spread

Price €2.26
120 gr.

Arbequina Olive Spread

Price €2.26
220 gr

Ambar Beer

Price €1.07
33 cl

Bloc Of Foie With Black Truffel

Price €15.45
130 gr