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Cooked Thistle

660 gr

Cooked Thistle at great Price

Winter vegetables to warm up in cold days. Thistle is cooked in its natural state and comes from the Riojan orchard. Its rich, slightly bitter flavor makes it ideal to combine with nut-based sauces, such as almonds.

Buy La Fragua's natural cooked thistle and enjoy these beneficial vegetables for our organism from any city in Europe, as if you lived in Spain. The best quality and price.

Thistle, a cooked Spanish food

The thistle is a very beneficial Spanish food. It’s scientifically known as Cynara cardunculus and is an Asteraceae plant.

This plant is perennial with a tuberous root. It’s characterized by producing large leaves with a length of one meter and 0.6 m wide.

Our thistle is cooked and comes directly from the Riojan orchard. It’s a vegetable very consumed in Spain, but mostly in Aragon, Navarra y Soria. It’s a winter vegetable, very versatile and with an incredible flavor with a bitter touch.

The thistle available in Gastronomic Spain belongs to La Fragua brand, an excellent provider of high quality, integral and reliable products, they offer gourmet products with the Protected Designation of Origin.

In addition, thistle stands out among Spanish vegetables for its great benefits.

Cooked thistle properties

As well as many other Spanish vegetables, the thistle is the perfect food for taking care of our organism. Among its beneficial properties, the following stand out:

Beneficial for the liver: the thistle leads to the decongestion of the liver and, likewise, the prevention of diseases in this organ.

Prevention of gallstones: it stimulates the production of the gallbladder and even improves the food digestion.

Combats fluid retention: thanks to its acids (chlorogenic, ascorbic and caffeic) and its content in cynarin and calcium, the thistle is a good product to eliminate liquids from our body. This way, it increases urine production.

Lowers cholesterol levels: in addition to lowering blood glucose levels, they also contribute to lowering cholesterol and promote the absorption of the high calcium in thistle.

High nutritional value: low in calories, rich in fiber and rich in potassium, folic acid (vitamin B9), magnesium and calcium.

How to cook thistle

Our thistle is naturally cooked, with no coloring or preservatives added. It’s elaborated in an artisan way, taking care of the raw materials and controlling the perfect cooking point. Our cooked thistle comes in pieces of about 4 - 5 cm, ready to eat.

Due to its slightly bitter taste, cooked thistle combines very well with nut-based sauces, such as almond or pine nut. It’s also taste delicious with seafood such as shrimp or mussels, or even in salads.

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2/3 portions

660 gr. net weight

400 gr. drained weight

Format: glass jar

La Fragua


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660 gr
Thistle, water, salt, lemon
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
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Cooked Thistle

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