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Lentils with Chorizo and Bacon

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Buying lentils with chorizo and pork fat

If you love a good stew, we recommend you to buy lentils with chorizo and pork fat. It is a Spanish stew perfect for those cold moths of the year, following a traditional recipe that includes a base of tomatoes, chorizo and pork fat. The lentils with chorizo and pork fat dish is simple but full of flavour. This is a popular stew, especially in the countryside, as it is a spoon dish that provides energy value to fight the cold and face the day.

The lentils with chorizo and pork fat are a tasty dish, perfect for those to enjoy a good meal but don’t have much time to cook. An open-serve-heat-and-eat dish that can be ready in 2 minutes.

Try our lentils with chorizo and pork fat and you will repeat thanks to the feeling of being in the countryside that they infuse in everyone, besides it is already cooked so you just have to heat it and eat it.

The Spanish gastronomy has a great variety of stews so if you are looking for any other kind of spoon dish, we have many that you can look here.

Characteristics of the lentils with chorizo and pork fat

The lentils with chorizo and pork fat is a ready-to-serve meal that only needs of opening, serving and heating. It comes canned in a RO-425 type of can filled with 425 gr net weigh of lentils. These are made by the company Sacesa, by one of its brands, La Fragua.

In its making Castilian lentils are used, these are added to an already in motion mix of tomatoes, onion, paprika, fat pork and chorizo. It is a traditional recipe, with lots of flavour and a smooth texture in which all ingredients are present.

Visually, the lentils and the broth have an homogenous light brown colour, in it pieces of chorizo and fat pork can be easily spotted. These lentils are Castilian which are big, flat and of a brow-greenish colour, and when perfectly cooked they have a soft texture. When in mouth, when cooked they help the flavours of the chorizo, the paprika and the fried tomatoes to shine.

At the time of heating the dish it can be done in a pot or in the microwave, just remember that before putting them in the microwave you need to take them out of the can.

Ingredients of the lentils with chorizo and pork fat

The ingredients of this product are: lentils (45%), water, potatoes (10%), salted pork fat (4%) (pork fat, salt, spices, dextrose, antioxidants E-301), chorizo (3%) (pig meat, paprika, salt, garlic, sugars, pig protein, vegetal fibre, scent and spices), salt, modified corn starch, tomatoes extract, spices and antioxidants E-300.

This great spoon dish is traditionally made with lentils, pork fat and chorizo. The lentils are tender and the meat and stuffing add flavour to this stew.

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Lentils with Chorizo and Bacon

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