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Manzanilla Olives Anchovy Flavour Corbi

420 gr.
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What are Anchovy Flavoured Manzanilla Olives Corbi?

The manzanilla Olives is a variety of the olive tree Olea Europaea and so are its fruits (olives). This variety is one of the most popular and demanded ones in the Spanish gastronomy, and between its different varieties the highlighted ones are the Sevillian manzanilla olive, the manzanilla olive from Cáceres and the manzanilla olive from Málaga.

Our manzanilla olives are the Sevillian ones which have the anchovy flavour that provides you with and even more delicious taste.

This Spanish snack is branded by Corbí, one of the most relevant brands regarding Spanish pickles. It is bottled up in a 420 gr of capacity glass pot.

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Characteristics of the Anchovy Flavoured Manzanilla Olives Corbi

This manzanilla olives are mostly cultivated in Andalusia, and is the most popular and spread across the glove olive variety.

Anchovy flavoured manzanilla olives Corbi come whole (with the bone), and are seasoned with anchovy flavour, which makes them special.

Manzanilla Olive Tree

The olive tree that produces the manzanilla olives has a lesser vigour and it is more flexible to intensive types of crops.

The harvest of this olives is generally made by hand, that way the damage made by mechanic harvesting can be avoided.

The fruit offered by the manzanilla olive tree has an elliptic shape, it has a medium size and its weight is around 2-3 grams.

Good priced anchovy flavoured manzanilla olives Corbi

Everyone likes them, they are irresistible to any palate and they are one of the most common Spanish snacks. These are the anchovy flavoured manzanilla olives Corbi. This variety of olive, the manzanilla one, due to its fine taste is one of the most popular and consumed one. Also, it has added that anchovy flavour that everyone likes.

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Benefits of the Manzanilla Olive

The manzanilla olives, besides being the queen among the snacks they also offer us some benefits to bear in mind:

1. It provides antioxidants: olives provide polifenos, a strong antidiabetic, neuroprotective and anti-cancer element. These benefits reach most of the body systems and help elevate the level of in-blood agglutination.

2. It improves the heart’s health: thanks to the wide range of antioxidants, it keeps the heart healthy.

3. It battles infections: it has been scientifically proved that the fruit of the olive tree and the extract of the olive tree leaf can prevent from the growth of various viral and bacterial infections.

4. It prevents osteoporosis: due to the presence of polifenos, olives help preventing bone loss, as well as being efficient at bone preservation.

Buying Anchovy Flavoured Manzanilla Olives Corbi Online

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Manzanilla Olives Anchovy Flavour Corbi

Weight: 420 gr

Drained weight: 200 gr

Format: glass jar

Once opened, keep in the fridge and consume within 7 days.

Brand: Corbi

Produced by: Corbi, Pda. La coma s/n, 46740 Carcaixent (Valencia), Spain.

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Data sheet

420 gr.
Olives (Manzanilla variety), coverage liquid (water, salt, flavor enhancer (E-621, E-635), acidulant (E-270, E-330), preservative (E-202, E-211), antioxidant (E-300)).
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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