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Cola Cao Original - cacao powder

383 gr
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Buy Cola Cao Original, a very Spanish product

Cola Cao is unique, a very Spanish product that everyone loves. Cola Cao Original is the snack and breakfast of many houses. Even mid-morning or after dinner it is also a good option.

Cola Cao is natural cocoa powder collected by hand and dried in the sun. Thanks to Gastronomic Spain you can enjoy it from anywhere in Europe.

What is Cola Cao Original?

Cola Cao Original is an authentic product from Spain. Cola Cao powder is a type of natural cocoa collected by hand and dried in the sun.

When we refer to natural cocoa, we are saying that the cocoa is obtained from sustainable cultivation certified by the UTZ (program of sustainable agriculture in coffee and cocoa). The UTZ Certificate covers agricultural practices, management of explorations, social and living conditions, and the environment.

It is a great product that you can enjoy from any city in Europe. But in addition, we also have other Cola Cao products available, as well as other brands to enjoy chocolate in a cup or sweet drinks.

Ingredients ColaCao powder

Sugar, natural defatted cocoa (22%), kola-malted cereal cream, (wheat flour, barley malt extract, natural flavor: kola nut extract), mineral salts (calcium, phosphorus), flavorings and salt.

With natural cocoa and without additives.

Preparation of the Original Colacao

Cola Cao Original is very easy to prepare, which is why it is so popular in all homes, in addition to its delicious cocoa flavor. You just have to:

1. Prepare a glass of milk.

2. Add two tablespoons to the milk.

3. Stir to taste.

4. Enjoy the moment.

If we want hot milk, the glass should be heated in the microwave until it is to taste and then add the ColaCao powder.

Why does your Cola Cao Original make '' lumps ''?

It is a question that everyone asks, but Gastronomic Spain has the answer you were looking for:

• Cocoa is born from the cocoa tree and grows at its own pace (they collaborate with UTZ to obtain 100% sustainable cocoa).

• Natural cocoa is collected by hand and dried in the sun.

• It is roasted and pressed (without chemical treatments).

• It is mixed with the rest of the ingredients without adding any additives.

Due to its natural process and without additives, Cola Cao forms those little lumps that we love and it is so delicious.

Buy Cola Cao Original with FREE shipping throughout Europe

With Gastronomic Spain you will no longer have that problem. Enjoy your Cola Cao powder from anywhere in Europe. And remember that you have FREE shipping costs!

And if that were not enough, you can also enjoy all our typical Spanish products that you miss so much and find it a problem to find outside of Spain.

383 gr. net weight

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Cola Cao Original

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383 gr
sugar, skimmed cocoa powder, cereal cream of malted kola (wheat flour, barley malt extract, natural aroma: kola nut extract), mineral salts (calcium, phosphor), aromas, salt
contains gluten, can contain milk
plastic jar
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