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Trio Cayenne D.O. la Vera

210 gr
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Trio Cayenne D.O la Vera: smoked sweet, spicy and smoked bittersweet

Smoked sweet, smoked bittersweet or spicy, which one do you want to try today? With this pack of trio Cayenne D.O la Vera, you can choose the perfect paprika depending on the occasion. They are top quality products, and they have a very characteristic flavour and slightly smoked.

What is the Trio Cayenne P.D.O la Vera?

The trio cayenne P.D.O. la Vera consists on smoked sweet paprika, smoked bittersweet paprika and spicy paprika. Our paprikas are elaborated with top quality paprikas, with a traditional way, by the smoke-drying process. The result is a gourmet quality paprika, perfect for flavouring your traditional dishes.

Only high-quality peppers are used in our paprika. The Vera area has the ideal microclimate for its growth and maturation. The fruits are dried over holm oak and oak wood smoke. Once ground, the paprika presents its intense red colour and its characteristic slightly smoky flavour.

Trio Cayenne P.D.O la Vera characteristics

Smoked sweet paprika is not spicy, it is obtained from the Bola and Jaranda pepper varieties. These red peppers are the ones that will provide this characteristic flavour to the Vera sweet paprika.

Smoked bittersweet paprika differs from the other types of La Vera paprika due to its slightly spicy touch. This mild spicy comes from the dry and ripe peppers from the region of La Vera (Caceres) that are used in its preparation, a variety called Jaranda and Jariza, which are previously ground.

The spicy paprika is elaborated from red peppers of the Jeromin pepper variety. This type of pepper is what will give that touch and characteristic flavour to the spicy smoked paprika from La Vera.

Altough each type of paprika is made with peppers of different varieties, each of them is made in a 100% natural way, both the aroma and the flavour are obtained by its traditional smoke-drying process. While its characteristic reddish colour is due to the high degree of fixation of carotenoids that are produced during its cultivation in an ideal microclimate for its growth and maturation.

Trio Cayenne D.O. La Vera, Las Hermanas brand

The trio cayenne D.O la Vera that offers Gastronomic Spain all over Europe is top quality. It is elaborated in Pimentón Las Hermanas, a familiar business founded in 1940 exclusively dedicated to the manufacture and packaging of the La Vera Paprika.

Las Hermanas is a pioneer business in the benchmark. Moreover, it also has the Pimentón de la Vera Protected Designation of Origin. A whole commitment to quality and thanks to Gastronomic Spain you can enjoy anywhere over Europe.

Protected Designation of Origin La Vera Paprika

Undoubtedly, the La Vera paprika powder is a unique seasoning of its kind. A basic and essential ingredient in Spanish gastronomy.

The Protected Designation of Origin recognizes the guarantee of origin, as well as its traditional production in which it certifies that it is a quality and 100% natural Spanish product.

Buy Trio Cayenne D.O La Vera Online

The Trio Cayenne D.O. La Vera are basic elements in Spanish gastronomy. La Vera paprika is the perfect ingredient to give aroma, colour, and, above all, flavour to your favourite dishes. A pack to have at your pantry of the 3 varieties offered by Las Hermanas: smoked sweet, smoked bittersweet and spicy.

Place your order of Paprika D.O. La Vera online with Gastronomic Spain, your Spanish food online store with shipping all over Europe.

Do you want to spice up your dishes? Add La Vera Paprika!

3x70gr. net weight

Smoked sweet paprika: 70gr.

Smoked bittersweet paprika: 70gr.

Spicy paprika: 70gr.

format: tin

Protected Designation of Origin

Las Hermanas

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210 gr
sweet, bittersweet, spicy cayenne (pimentón)
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens are contained.
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Trio Cayenne D.O. la Vera