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Smoked Sweet Paprika Powder La Vera

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The Sweet Paprika La Vera is a staple in Spanish gastronomy. Sweet Paprika from La Vera is the perfect ingredient to give smell, color and, above all, flavor to your favorite dishes. And in addition to sweet paprika, there are also other variants such as sweet and sour paprika or hot paprika. Discover them here!

What is Smoked Sweet Paprika powder La Vera?

Sweet paprika La Vera is a unique and artisan ingredient. It is a product that is made in a traditional way, using the smoke drying system. The result is a gourmet quality paprika, perfect to flavor your traditional dishes.

Sweet Paprika powder La Vera from Las Hermanas

Our sweet paprika La Vera comes from Las Hermanas, a recognized quality brand in which an excellent sweet paprika is obtained.

Sweet paprika La Vera Las Hermanas is made by selecting and drying the pepper with oak and oak firewood, until the paprika is manufactured and packed.

The firm Las Hermanas has a Protected Designation of Origin for Sweet Paprika from La Vera, as well as its other types of paprika. And Gastronomic Spain brings these wonderful species to any city in Europe.

Characteristics of Smoked Paprika La Vera from Las Hermanas

The sweet paprika powder from La Vera las Hermanas is a paprika with a protected designation of Origin from La Vera. Smoked Sweet paprika powder is obtained from the varieties of Bola pepper and Jaranda pepper. These red peppers are the ones that will provide this characteristic flavor to the sweet paprika from La Vera. At the same time, it must be taken into account that the paprika de la Vera is a naturally smoked sweet paprika.

The incredible sweet paprika from La Vera Las Hermanas stands out because the peppers are dried with oak and oak firewood. In addition, it stands out for the aroma, color and flavor that it gives off in the dishes.

On the one hand, both the smell and the flavor are obtained by its traditional smoke drying system. While its characteristic reddish color is due to the high degree of fixation of carotenes that are produced during its cultivation in an ideal microclimate for its growth and maturation.

In addition, sweet paprika is a species rich in antioxidants and low in calories. What are you waiting for to use it in your dishes?

Protected Designation of Origin of Paprika La Vera

Without a doubt, La Vera paprika is a unique condiment of its kind. A basic and essential ingredient in Spanish gastronomy.

The Protected Designation of Origin recognizes the guarantee of origin, as well as its traditional elaboration in which it certifies that it is a quality Spanish product.

Process of making smoked paprika powder from Vera Dulce.

La Vera smoked paprika powder is, without a doubt, the best paprika in Spain. Unlike other sweet peppers that call themselves Smoked Paprika. La Vera smoked paprika is made in a natural way, which makes that light smoky aroma permeate correctly in all the peppers. Smoked sweet paprika is made as follows:

  1. Selection of the best red peppers of the Bola and Jaranda variety, which are the ones that will provide the sweet flavor.
  2. The red peppers are placed in the smoking room. This room is a large open plan nave divided into 2 floors. On the lower floor the holm oak or oak wood is placed, with which the paprika will be smoked. In the upper room, where the floor is made of wood with spaces between the sheets so that the smoke can easily pass through, the peppers are placed.
  3. Fire is made with the wood and every 3 hours the red peppers are turned so that each side is perfectly smoked.
  4. The smoking of the peppers will depend on the size and humidity of the atmosphere. The smoking process can last up to 12 days, and will be finished when the peppers are completely dry.
  5. Once the Bola and Jaranda red peppers have been smoked, they will proceed to grind. Traditionally it was done manually with mortars, today it is done mechanically.

Other types of Smoked Spanish Paprika from La Vera

In addition to the Spanish sweet paprika powder from La Vera, Las Hermanas and Gastronomic Spain offer you other types of paprika from La Vera: sweet and sour paprika and hot paprika.

Both types also have the recognition of the Protected Designation of Origin. You can find them in individual format or the pack of 3.

Enjoy the perfect seasoning in your favorite dishes. Provides quality and flavor to your delicacies, as well as tradition. Gastronomic Spain brings you these products, as well as many others, anywhere in Europe. And with FREE shipping!

Don't think about it and buy sweet paprika La Vera from Las Hermanas online and at a very affordable price.

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Paprika La Vera from Las Hermanas

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