Spicy Cayenne D.O. la Vera

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Add colour, taste and a spicy touch to your live.

The Spicy Cayenne, D.O.P. la Vera, a high quality product, is perfect to add the spicy touch to your dishes. The Spicy Cayenne has a characteristic, spicy and slightly smoked taste.

70 gr.

Our Spicy Cayenne, called Pimenton, comes from la Vera region, famous for their high quality cayenne. The Cayenne is traditionally made using the smoke-drying system. The result is a gourmet Cayenne, perfect for your homemade dishes.

To produce our Spicy Cayenne only the best peppers are used. The la Vera region has ideal microclimate for the growth of the peppers. The mature fruits are smoke-dried with holm oak and oak wood. Once the Cayenne is milled, it presents the intense red colour and the characteristic, spicy and smoked taste.

The Spicy Cayenne is used in a wide range of Spanish recipes. Enjoy cooking your own homemade Spanish dishes with this great spice.

70 gr

  • Ingredients: spicy cayenne
  • Allergens: According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens contained.

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