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Spicy Paprika powder La Vera

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Buy Spicy Smoked Paprika la Vera Online with FREE shipping throughout Europe

Spicy Paprika from La Vera for the most daring. If you like to season your favorite dishes and, in addition, you are a lover of spicy ... The Spicy Paprika from La Vera will be your best ally!

This product is one of the main, basic and traditional ingredients of Spanish gastronomy, but with a spicy touch.

Enjoy the Spicy Paprika, as well as other types such as sweet paprika or other typical spices from Spain. FREE shipping to all of Europe!

What is Spicy Paprika La Vera?

The spicy paprika from La Vera is a very typical powder condiment in Spain. It is reddish in color and has a characteristic flavor obtained from the drying and grinding of red peppers. Hot paprika is made from red peppers of the Jeromín pepper variety. This type of pepper is the one that will give that touch and flavor so characteristic to the spicy smoked paprika from La Vera.

One of the characteristics of the spicy paprika powder from La Vera, compared to the rest of the spicy paprika that we can find in Spain and abroad, is that it is a smoked spicy paprika. Smoking is done as it was done like in 1900. Along with the quality of the pepper that is used, the smoking is another of the determining factors that make the paprika de la Vera so appreciated throughout the world.

Unlike Hungarian Paprika, hot paprika is only made from peppers with a spicy taste. Other types of peppers or bell peppers mix cayenne to add spice.

The main difference that exists between hot paprika and sweet paprika apart from the spicy taste, are the peppers that have been used in its preparation. Both peppers are naturally smoked and have the same visual characteristics.

Hot Smoke Paprika from La Vera, typical of Las Hermanas

The Hot Smoke Paprika from La Vera that Gastronomic Spain offers throughout Europe is of excellent quality. It is made in Las Hermanas, a family business born in 1940 dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and packaging of La Vera paprika.

Las Hermanas is the pioneer company in the sector. In addition, it has the Protected Designation of Origin guarantee mark. A whole commitment to quality and that thanks to Gastronomic Spain you can enjoy it from anywhere in Europe.

Characteristics of the Spicy Spanish Paprika from La Vera

The main characteristic of La Vera Spicy Spanish Paprika is its quality. Reason for which it is a Protected Designation of Origin.

It should be noted that the Spicy Paprika comes from the area of La Vera where there is an ideal microclimate for the growth and maturation of its peppers. These fruits are dried over oak and oak wood smoke. And once ground, it has that characteristic reddish color, a spicy and slightly smoky flavor.

Buy Spicy Spanish Paprika online at a good price is easy thanks to Gastronomic Spain.

Types of typical spices of Spain

In addition to the Spicy Paprika from La Vera, Gastronomic Spain also offers other types of spices that are very typical of Spanish gastronomy. Together with sweet paprika and sweet and sour paprika they form the perfect tandem. Discover the entire catalog of spices such as saffron, coloring, seasoning for paellas and many other products.

Savor Spanish pleasure from any city in Europe. Eat as if you were in Spain and be the envy of all your friends.

Gastronomic Spain is your ideal online supermarket.

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Paprika La Vera Las Hermanas

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Spicy Paprika powder La Vera