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Serrano Ham Reserva Sliced

80 gr
In stock


Serrano ham Reserva sliced at a good price

If you want to eat a sliced Serrano ham Reserve of the good ones, buy this Serrano ham that Gastronomic Spain offers you. It is a type of Spanish ham from white pigs, especially Duroc pigs, and has a minimum cure of 14 months.

In our online store you can find all kinds of Serrano hams: Teruel ham, Reserva ham and Gran Reserva ham. Each and every one of them in whole ham leg format or in sliced format. And with FREE shipping!

Serrano Reserve Ham in sliced ​​format, buy online with FREE shipping

We offer you Reserve Serrano hams, if you want to take a look, you can see them here. At Gastronomic Spain we offer you the best reserve Serrano ham from the popular Nieto Martín wineries, Guijuelo. It is a soft pork serrano ham that has been cured for more than 14 months and is freshly sliced ​​so that you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Gastronomic Spain is the most popular online store for Serrano hams in Europe. If you live outside of Spain you can find Serrano ham, but not a reserve ham like this one. A perfect cure and a delicious taste. It comes in a 100 gr format. vacuum packed.

Do not forget that, in addition to our extensive catalog of Spanish ham, you can also find any type of Spanish food that is very difficult to find in European supermarkets. Visit our online store and discover the thousands of products that are waiting for you with FREE SHIPPING.

Characteristics of the sliced Reserve Ham

The term Reserve when we talk about ham, is one of the main characteristics that Serrano ham acquires. It refers to the time of maturation that it has acquired in the wineries. Specifically, our Serrano ham Reserva has a long maturation in the cellar, consisting of a minimum of 12 months. In this way, this sliced Serrano Reserve ham is positioned among the most exquisite on the market and at Gastronomic Spain we have it at a good price and with shipping throughout Europe.

On the other hand, Reserva ham comes from the Duroc breed white pig, one of the main white pig breeds that exist in Spain and which provide the best ham.

As it is a sliced ham, it will not be necessary to have tools such as the ham holder or the knife itself to cut.

But if what you are looking for is a whole ham leg of these characteristics, you can buy it here.

Nieto Martín: hams of the highest quality

At Nieto Martín they work to offer the best quality in all hams and sausages.

Although our reserve Serrano ham does not have its own DO, Nieto Martín is protected by the Protected Designation of Origin of Guijuelo and many of its products have this distinctive. So it is considered one of the most prestigious producers in our country.

In addition to serrano ham, they are also specialists in Iberian ham, and you can find them here.

80 gr. net weight

sliced format

vacuum packed

shipped in isothermal container with refrigeration

Nieto Martin

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Data sheet

80 gr
White pork ham, salt and preservatives (E-250 and E-252).
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
vacuum packed
taric code
net weight
80 gr
Nieto Martin

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Serrano Ham Reserva Sliced