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Pata Negra Ham

7.500 gr
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We could say that Pata Negra ham is ten out of ten. Treat yourself and enjoy the best Pata negra ham in the market

Although it is true that not every Iberian porks have Pata Negra, we refer to Pata Negra ham as the 100% Iberian acorn ham. This is a 100% Pata Negra, that is, it has not been crossed with other breeds. It is usually a fatty ham, although its flavour is like no other. Among the different types of Iberian ham, this ham is the most expensive in the world. However, its Iberian pure breed, its feed, and its curing time, justify its price.

If you are looking for a cheap Pata Negra ham, you are in the right ham shop. Although this seems hard to believe, a ham of brands like 5 jotas hams or Joselito usually cost between 200 and 300 euros more and the difference between those hams and the ones we offer is only the brand. For that reason, our Pata Negra ham has a much lower price than the other competitors. We encourage you to see our offers on Bellota Pata Negra hams and why not, treat yourself!

The Pata Negra ham leg has a curing superior to 36 months, the Pata Negra pork has always lived in freedom, and it has been fed with natural pastures and acorn.

7.5 – 8 kg.

Pata Negra ham (whole ham leg)

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7.500 gr
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens are contained.

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Pata Negra Ham