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Toasted Egg Yolk Nougat El Almendro

250 gr.
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Toasted egg yolk nougat El Almendro: homemade, classic and traditional nougat

Our Toasted Yolk El Almendro Nougat is of a very high quality. The delicious mixture of almonds with the toasted yolk of the egg make a surprising nougat. Unique flavor and smooth texture are the characteristics of this yolk nougat.

Enjoy a Christmas like never before with the best Christmas sweets that Gastronomic Spain offers. That distance is not an excuse to eat quality Spanish food.

What is and characteristics of the toasted egg yolk nougat El Almendro

What would Christmas be without a good nougat? The Almendro nougats are of the highest quality. In particular, the toasted yolk nougat can surprise any palate, even the most demanding.

Like the soft nougat, the yolk nougat uses ground almonds but in this case egg yolks, a touch of lemon zest and a pinch of cinnamon are used. These elements would be the essential ingredients, as well as distinctive ingredients of the toasted egg yolk nougat El Alemendro.

In addition, one of the essential characteristics and hence it takes its name, is that a beaten egg yolk with a tablespoon of sugar (brown) is introduced at the top and it is au gratin either on the grill or with a blowtorch. The special touch of toasted yolk nougat!

If you are looking to buy a quality and traditional toasted egg yolk nougat, El Almendro is an ideal choice to enjoy this Christmas. But you also have many other types of Spanish nougat available.

Ingredients of toasted egg yolk nougat El Almendro

Sugar, ground almonds (41%), powdered yolk, glucose syrup, water, preservative E-200, aroma. Yolk 13%.

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250 gr. net weight

packed in protective case

El Almendro

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Data sheet

250 gr.
Sugar, 41% almond, powdered yolk, glucose syrup, water, preservative E-200 and aroma.
May contain traces of other nuts and milk.

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