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Possibly, no Spaniard conceives a Christmas lunch or dinner without finishing off with Christmas sweets. The typical spnanish Christmas desserts are the dish that everyone expects, both children, young people, and adults. The great variety of Christmas sweets is immense, but in the end we always sin with the usual ones: nougat (turrones), marzipan, polvorones, mantecados and some other typical sweets of each region.

What is the Christmas dessert that you like the most? In the Gastronomic Spain online store we fulfill your wishes. And since we are super fans of Christmas, we have prepared the best catalog of Christmas desserts, especially for you, so that you can think about the Christmas menu and do not miss out on your favorite Christmas sweets.

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Christmas is approaching and with it the great Christmas lunches and dinners are approaching. Spanish Christmas sweets are different essential foods on these Advent dates. Sweets such as nougat or marzipan are very typical as a Christmas dessert. In fact, for many, it is the highlight of the meals.

Christmas sweets are, without a doubt, the traditional dessert that hooks more than one and that brings together family and friends for typical after-dinner meals.


The Gastronomic Spain online store is loaded with Spanish Christmas desserts. We are aware that there are many Spaniards living outside of Spain and at this time they cannot return to their families. Our mission is to bring a piece of Spain to your homes.

To do this, we offer an extensive catalog of Christmas sweets, so you can enjoy and remember your loved ones as closely as possible and enjoy a Spanish Christmas lunch or dinner..


Nougat is a sweet mass obtained by cooking honey to which peeled and toasted almonds are incorporated. Said pasta is kneaded and shaped into a rectangular tablet, which forms the traditional nougat.

The main production of nougat is concentrated in Alicante, Valencia and Lérida, and they present two types of nougat: hard nougat, the popular one with exposed almonds and soft nougat, made with ground almonds and with a pasty appearance. Both varieties are part of the Spanish Christmas gastronomy.

Gastronomic Spain offers a great catalog of the best Spanish nougats so that you can fill the table with typical Christmas sweets. Both typical and novel nougat will be the ones you will find among them: Suchard nougat, Picó nougat and yolk nougat, among many others. Discover them here.


Marzipan is a sweet whose main ingredients are almonds, sugar and eggs. In Spain it is a traditional Christmas dessert although it is also common to consume during the year.

There are different types of marzipan in much of Europe, but the most popular in the world are the Spanish ones from Soto, La Rioja and Toledo.

For example, Cádiz bread (pan de Cádiz) is a variety of sweet with marzipan as a base. In fact, Cádiz bread is a marzipan dough stuffed with egg yolk jam and candied sweet potato, and then baked on a wafer.

Are you a fan of marzipan?


Polvorones and mantecados are another of the typical Christmas sweets that stand out at family tables. Although a priori we can even confuse both sweets, the texture, aroma and flavor of polvorones and mantecados are very different.

In particular, polvorón is a small cake made from flour, toasted almonds, powdered sugar, a little butter and lemon. Polvorones are baked and melt into powder in your mouth.

At present it is a typical product of the Christmas pastries of Spain, especially of the Navarrese and Andalusian gastronomy such as the polvorones of Estepa.

While mantecados are characterized by being kneaded in lard, which is more compact, honeyed and buttery than polvorón. They adopt different flavors: lemon, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, etc. and it is a dessert that is consumed throughout the year, especially in regions like Toledo. Although its massive consumption is in the middle of Christmas.


In addition to nougat, marzipan, polvorones and mantecados, there are also many other Christmas products and sweets in the Gastronomic Spain catalog.

Among them we can find the rosco de vino, a donut-shaped sweet, round with a hole in the middle. The puff pastry (hojaldradas), the Cabello de Ángel, the piñonate, the artisan quince paste (dulce de membrillo) or even the lucky grapes (uvas de la suerte) for those who spend the New Year outside of Spain but want to continue with the Spanish tradition. 

Another of the winners are the bombones. It is the perfect gift for our loved ones and show them all the love and affection that we have for them. Or even the perfect companion for tea or coffee time for big Christmas lunches and dinners. A bonbon is always a delight for our palate.

Discover them here.

In addition to all the Spanish Christmas desserts, you will also find the best products of Spanish gastronomy, such as Iberico ham, wines, Manchego cheeses, appetizers or an assortment of sausage that can never be missing on a Christmas table. Do not hesitate and buy Spanish food from anywhere in Europe.

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