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We understand as the main character of a performance that person / object that acts to a greater extent over the rest of the actors / actresses. The plot revolves around that person / object. They are always the most characterized and best defined by the narrator.

That said, the spanish nougat is, purely, the main character of spanish Christmas. There is no possible discussion. Spanish nougats are the quintessential Christmas sweet of these important dates. They sprout up on the tables together with other typical Christmas sweets such as polvorones or marzipan. But these would be called secondary actors.

Spanish nougat is the sweet we always want more and more of. And it is not for less because it is a delight fallen from heaven.

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The Spanish nougat is the typical and traditional sweet that is taken during the Christmas holidays. It is usually eaten after Christmas meals or dinners as dessert, although in Spain we love sweets and there is always a time to sneak in to steal a piece of nougat from the dispenser.

Nougat is composed of a sweet mass obtained from cooking honey (or sugar) with peeled, toasted or ground almonds. Sometimes egg white is added to emulsify.


The origin of the Spanish Christmas nougat is in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Lérida. Especially Jijona, a town in Alicante, is considered one of the main producers of Spanish nougat. In fact, it is known as Alicante nougat (hard nougat) and Jijona nougat (soft nougat) since they are the most popular in Spain and belong to the Jijona Regulatory Council and its respective Denomination of Origin.


Depending on the nougat that we are going to make, the recipe may vary. In this case, Gastronomic Spain will explain how to make the authentic Spanish nougat:

  1. First, heat the honey over low heat until it is liquid.
  2. Next, add the sugar and stir until we get a texture similar to caramel.
  3. The next step will be to beat the egg white and add it to the previous mixture. This clear, in addition to flavor, also provides that characteristic color.
  4. Almonds. It is advisable to buy them raw and of the Marcona variety. Put them in the oven until they are toasted.
  5. The toasted almonds will be mixed with the mixture until the paste is uniform.
  6. Introduce a wafer sheet under the mold, introduce the mixture and reintroduce a new wafer as the top layer.
  7. Let the mold rest for a few days until the nougat is hard enough to be packaged or consumed.

The recipe for how to make homemade nougat would refer to hard almond nougat. In the case of wanting to make soft nougat:

  1. Grind the toasted almonds with a blender or food processor to achieve the final texture we want.
  2. Introduce this ground almond in the mixture made previously. Add cinnamon, a pinch of salt and 1/2 lemon zest.
  3. Stir until the dough is thick but pliable.
  4. Cover with film and put weight on top. Let cool in the fridge for about 6 hours.


As we know and have witnessed it, Spanish nougats are essential in Christmas assortment trays. There are many types of nougat, and in the Gastronomic Spain online store we offer you the widest variety of nougat so that, wherever you are, you can enjoy these delicious Christmas desserts.

Nougat from Alicante and Nougat from Jijona

Both types of nougat mentioned above come from the province of Alicante and are in the Protected Designation of Origin. These types of nougat are the most common in Spanish homes.

Both nougats, from Alicante and Jijona, are top quality and excellent to enjoy at Christmas. But we also have hard nougat and soft nougat available without the DO, a little more affordable.

Toasted Yolk Nougat

The roasted egg yolk nougat is also very popular. It has a different flavor because it is made with marzipan and egg white. It originated from the Catalan cream and is characterized by its orange color.

Suchard nougat

Another Spanish nougat that takes the Oscar. Suchard nougat is the chocolate nougat par excellence. There are many types of Suchard nougat, but the best known and most demanded is the chocolate nougat made from puffed rice.

Sound like you, right? In addition, you will also have Suchard Oreo nougat or the typical almond Suchard.

Nougat without sugar

They are the new revolution. Same pleasure but with 0 added sugars. Sugar-free nougats are the perfect Christmas treat so you don't look at the scale out of the corner of your eye. Both hard nougat, white nougat and egg yolk are available without added sugar.

Which one do you prefer?