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Toasted Yolk Nougat Picó

150 gr
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Buy Toasted Yolk Nougat Picó, quality and delicacy from the hand

The toasted yolk nougat is of a superior quality. This type of nougat is very popular in Spain, in fact, it is one of those that never fails among Christmas sweets. It is made with almonds, lemon zest, icing sugar, cinnamon and most importantly, egg yolks. These will give the perfect touch to the yolk nougat.

This rich and popular nougat among the Spanish is a classic and essential Christmas sweet from Picó. Enjoy it from anywhere in Europe.

Characteristics of Toasted Yolk Nougat Picó

The Toasted Yolk Turrón Picó is probably one of the most classic of the nougat.

Our toasted yolk nougat is a nougat made from almonds, lemon zest, icing sugar, cinnamon and the main ingredient: egg yolks. It has a sweet, smooth and very appetizing flavor, which is why it is an ideal Christmas sweet. Besides being considered a nougat of supreme quality.

Turrónes Picó is a successful brand located in Alicante, the cradle of Spanish nougat. Picó is the oldest in the sector and is characterized by its artisan elaborations, as well as the incorporation of top quality ingredients.

Our Picó yolk nougat comes in a 200 gr format. net weight, vacuum packed and ready to captivate any palate. Are you interested in buying some kind of Christmas candy? Click here.

Ingredients of the yolk nougat Picó supreme quality

Almonds (40%), egg yolk (10%), sugar, glucose syrup, dextrose, preservative E-200 and vanilla.


* May contain traces of milk and nuts.

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150 gr. net weight

vacuum packed



Data sheet

150 gr
sugar, almonds, egg yolk, glucose syrup, dextrose, sorbic acid (preservative E-200), vanillin
almonds, egg, can contain traces of milk and nuts

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Toasted Yolk Nougat Picó