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Alicante Almond Nougat Picó

150 gr
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Alicante Almond Nougat Picó: a classic whole almond nougat

The Alicante Almond Nougat Picó (Turrón de Alicante Picó) of whole almonds is essential to celebrate Christmas in the Spanish style. Also known as hard almond nougat for its whole almonds, it is one of the most common and demanded artisan nougat since its almond and honey flavor is a real luxury.

Alicante Picó nougat is of Protected Designation of Origin, and in turn very difficult to find outside of Spain. Gastronomic Spain gives you the opportunity to buy Alicante Almond Nougat Picó at the best price and with FREE shipping throughout Europe.

What is it and characteristics of the Alicante Almond Nougat Picó

When we think of the typical Spanish Christmas, the rich and delicious Christmas sweets of our gastronomy come to mind, but especially the Alicante Almond Nougat Picó: one of the jewels in the crown during dinners and family meals.

Turrón de Alicante is one of the classic and popular Spanish nougat among all sweets. It is made mainly with the delicious whole almonds and honey. And its process is totally artisan with the own expert hands of the Pico Turroneros Masters.

It is a type of hard nougat that is characterized by its minimum contribution of almonds (at least 46%) and said honey must belong to the Valencian Community to be distinguished as a Denomination of Origin of Alicante.

Another of its features to highlight is the WAFER coating that is applied to the nougat. Quite a special and distinctive touch!

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Why is Alicante Almond Nougat Picó a Denomination of Origin?

Alicante Almond Nougat Picó is protected by the Denomination of Origin and the respective Protected Geographical Indication because it meets rigorous requirements in its production process.

For example, a minimum amount of whole almonds is used and the honey must belong to the Valencian Community, as has already been mentioned above.

On the other hand, it is considered to be a type of Alicante nougat of supreme quality, with a carefully selected and 100% controlled raw material. In addition, it is a 100% natural product with little sugar and healthy unsaturated fats.

Turrón de Alicante Picó ingredients

Toasted almonds (at least 46%), sugar, honey (10%), glucose syrup and fructose syrup, egg white and wafer as an external coating (potato starch and sunflower oil).

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150 gr. net weight

Packaging in protective atmosphere

turrón Picó


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150 gr
toasted almond, sugar, honey, glucose syrup, egg white, wafers: potato starch, sunflower oil
contains nuts, eggs
vacuum packed
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Alicante Almond Nougat Picó