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Duroc Gran Reserva Ham

7.5 kg.
In stock

Cheap Duroc Gran Reserva Ham with shipping throughout Europe

Are you looking for a cheap Duroc Gran Reserva Ham of the highest quality? You are in the ideal place!

Our Gran Reserva ham comes from 50% Duroc pigs, it is one of the most recognized breeds of white pig as it provides certain very good characteristics to our Serrano hams. The gran reserva has a curing period of 24 months and is recognized as the Best White Ham of Castilla y León 2019. Do you dare to try it?

Duroc Gran Reserva Ham buy online and enjoy a spectacular leg of Serrano ham

The Duroc Gran Reserva Ham is one of the best Serrano hams and Spanish hams on the market. Thanks to Gastronomic Spain you can savor and enjoy this leg of ham from anywhere in Europe. And with FREE shipping!

When we talk about Gran Reserva ham, we are talking about a 50% Duroc pork ham, aged for 24 months in Eresma's own wineries in Segovia. It is quite a spectacular jamonazo.

Take advantage of this opportunity to buy a cheap Duroc Gran Reserva ham in our online store. If you are looking for another type of Serrano ham, consult our catalog of sliced hams, ham mallets and whole legs.

Characteristics of Duroc Gran Reserva Ham

The Duroc Gran Reserva ham that you have available at Gastronomic Spain is one of the best you will find among Serrano hams. It is of immense quality and that is why it was considered the Best White Ham of Castilla y León during the course of 2019.

The most outstanding characteristics are:

  1. It comes from 50% Duroc pork, one of the most prestigious and popular white pig breeds among the best Serrano hams. This pig has been fed feed made with the best cereals.
  2. It is produced in Segovia, specifically in the Eresma farms and wineries, professionals with more than 40 years of experience in the production process: from raising pigs to curing the ham legs themselves.
  3. It has been cured for 24 months and it is a cured ham with great flavor.
  4. The presentation of the Duroc ham is presented as a whole leg with a V cut.
  5. It is recommended to consume at a temperature above 15ºC to appreciate all its aroma and flavor.

How to consume the Duroc ham leg

In order to consume the Duroc ham leg, it is necessary to have the basic utensils to cut and hold a leg of these dimensions.

7.5 kg. net weight (approximate)

Serrrano Ham leg


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Data sheet

7.5 kg.
Duroc pork ham (Duroc 50%), salt, sugar, preservatives (E252, E250), acidity regulator E331 (iii), antioxidants E301.
Of the products covered by the EU regulation 1169/2011 it does not contain any.
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net weight
7.5 kg.

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Duroc Gran Reserva Ham