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English Cod Crumbs

100 gr
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Cod crumbs in the English Style

Cod crumbs in the English style come, as their name suggest, from cod. This fish follows a process of salting, consisting in its desiccation by means of salt.

Only the best-quality cod is being used in our crumbs, and its fine flavour demonstrate it. Taste it and you will be delighted.

Cod crumbs are made of wild cod and the ingredients which make them up are: cod (Gadus Morhua), pacific cod (Gadus Macrocephalus) and salt. They contain fish.

The Cod is captured in the Northeast of the Atlantic Ocean, in the depths of Iceland and in the Northeast of the Pacific Ocean. It is captured by using trawls, gillnets or fishing lines and hooks.

The cod crumbs are perfect and ready to be consumed. They are ideal for salads and to be macerated in Olive Oil. Because of being an artisan product, it might contain some fishbones.

Enjoy the cod crumbs or any other product made through salting thanks to Gastronomic Spain, with FREE shipping and a service at your disposal. You have a wide variety of salted products and food; you can check them right here.

*At Gastronomic Spain we recommend conserving the cod crumbs in a fresh and dry place.

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Cod crumbs

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100 gr
Cod, salt
Contains fish
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English Cod Crumbs